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  • Brant Menswar Raised $6,712
    “Donation To has proved to be a powerful and convenient way to raise money and accept donations for the treatment of our son, Theo. The money we have raised has allowed us to stay in the hospital with him over the last 170 days and provide the loving care he needs. Thank for for making such a difficult situation a little easier.”
  • Molly Maginnis Raised $26,343
    “DonationTo has been central to our healing process. We cannot thank the people of DonationTo enough for uniting all of Ron's friends and family together to support him. It is lifesaving”
  • Clint Pohler Raised $10,731
    Pohler family raise $10,731 to help treat their son who has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
  • Kelly Campanaro Raised $3,532
    Campanaro family raise $3,532 to help treat Ryan who has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
  • Brown-Rogers Family Raised $18,351
    $18,351 was raised for the Dajanique Brown-Rogers Memorial Fund
  • Kevin Logan Raised $27,820
    $27,820 raised for Connor Logan healing and rehabilitation from a car accident.
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"Within five minutes, we set up a page on and we asked a couple of other alumni to send an email appeal with a link to our page to our fraternity brothers. It was only a matter of minutes before the donations started coming in. Within 48 hours, we had raised over $10,000."
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  • Go Brooks and thank you for doing this!
    $ 25 Anita Mccann


  • $ 10 Ryan Cunningham


  • Ethan Frank
    $ 50 Bob Martin


  • i like you work
    $ 3.39 dragon tes


DonationTo Philosophy

At DonationTo we have two simple goals: make online fundraising simple and ensure you keep 100% of all donations. By using DonationTo anyone can create a crowfunding page with no technical skill, and you keep 100% of all your donations. Furthermore, we have even enabled you to avoid credit card fees. Supporters who donate are given the option to include the credit card fee with their donation, and this allows you to avoid paying transaction fees.

DonationTo might not be the biggest fundraising platform, but if you view our testimonials, we are the most cost efficient crowdfunding tool. For example, other fundraising platforms are free. They are free because they will take 5-10% of all the donations you raise or charge hidden fees to your donors. This will definitely make it easy to register for the site, but it causes many individuals to lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars once their fundraising campaign begins. Here is an example: if you raise $10,000 in 3 months, you will lose $500! By selecting any of DonationTo's paid accounts, you will save $425! Meaning you get $425 more in donations. DonationTo takes the opposite but effective approach - If you want to use our product (fundraising platform), you simply pay a small monthly fee. If you raise $10,000, you can keep all of it. It doesn’t matter if you raise $100,000, you keep 100%. Simply pay the small monthly fee, and once your fundraising is over, you can cancel your account and no longer be billed. All donations are instantly direct deposited into your PayPal or WePay account. Funds can later be transferred into a banking account of your choice. DonationTo never touches your money. All donations use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) when processed online. Donors can donate anonymously or publicly leaving a comment for support.

DonationTo, gives you more than just a fundraising tool. You get a personal account manager to help you any time. Feel free to email your account manager 7 days a week at all hours of the night. You also get a free copy of The Book on Fundraising. This book is emailed to you, and it is loaded with key fundraising principles to last the test of time. Learn the real secret to Facebook and fundraising, how to draft the perfect email to get more donations or where are the best areas to place your fundraising URL. It's all included in the book and more!

You also get to upload unlimited photos. We know photos are important for fundraising and decided to let you share as many as you like on your page - that is right - upload as many photo as you like!

You can feel good about using DonationTo’s fundraising platform. Everyday we will earn your support and mutually support your cause during your crowdfunding efforts. Take a look at our blog, we constantly spread the word about the latest fundraising projects hosted at DonationTo. If you are not 100% happy, we will provide a full refund, no questions asked. Not only will we issue a full refund, you can continue to use your DonationTo page for free.

If you never heard about DonationTo and feel a little resistant, thats ok. We have been around for a few years and have already been mentioned on AdWeek, Huffington Post, USA Today, Harvard Business School, Wall Street Journal and more. Each month thousands of visitors arrive to our site to create fundraising campaigns, and thousands more visit to read our fundraising tips on our blog. By using DonationTo, you get your very own fundraising platform and a complete support system to help you raise money for your cause - you are never alone. Take a read at some of our testimonials - The Tippe Family, McShea Family, Brant Menswar, Kevin Logan and Friends of Bob Newman are a few examples of many, saving thousands of dollars using DonationTo.

More About DonationTo

DonationTo is an online fundraising platform. This allows anyone to create a beautiful web page to accept donations online - No technical skill or coding required. DonationTo conveniently connects to your Paypal and WePay account fast and securely. All donations are direct deposited into your account instantly. The result is exceptional quick fundraising with no labor.

DonationTo offers “free” and “paid” accounts. Free accounts, deduct 5% + Paypal/ Wepay credit card fees from donations collected. Paid accounts enable users to collect 100% of all donations collected and avoid credit card fees (some credit card fees apply, but most are avoided). Avoiding credit card fees means PayPal and WePay will always issue their credit card transaction fee. However, we enable donors to include the associated credit card fee in their donation. Credit card fees can vary. Amount donated and amount collected will not alway match one to one.

The Book on Fundraising
Get the Book on Fundraising FREE when you register for DonationTo! New to fundraising or experience, these easy to follow tips ensure your fundraising starts with the best results!
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“Within five minutes, we set up a page on and we asked a couple of other alumni to send an email appeal with a link to our page to our fraternity brothers. It was only a matter of minutes before the donations started coming in. Within 48 hours, we had raised over $10,000.”
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