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Within five minutes, we set up a page on and we asked a couple of other alumni to send an email appeal with a link to our page to our fraternity brothers. It was only a matter of minutes before the donations started coming in. Within 48 hours, we had raised over $10,000.

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By choosing DonationTo, you can create your own beautiful fundraising page to accept donations online - No technical or coding skill required. We conveniently and securely connect to your WePay account. All donations are direct deposited into your account instantly. The result is exceptional, quick fundraising with no labor. DonationTo offers two types of accounts:

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    You get 4% deduction + Wepay credit card fees from donations collected.

*Avoiding credit card fees means WePay will always issue their credit card transaction fee. However, we enable donors to include the associated credit card fee in their donation. Credit card fees can vary. Amount donated and amount collected will not alway match one to one.

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