East River Trail Reconstruction in Allouez
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  • Brad Lange
    2013-04-23 16:08:20

    The Resch Family East River Trail has become a family favorite in the Village of Allouez for outdoor fun. Help make the trail your own by supporting our community cause!

About This Cause

The Village of Allouez Parks and Recreation Department strives to encourage healthy lifestyles through our recreational parks and programs. Our residents and community visitors are able to enjoy nature trails and pathways to walk, bike and recreate. Our community is made up of wonderful people and we take pride in providing family-friendly fun in the outdoors of Allouez!

The main recreational trail that winds through the Village is the Resch Family East River Trail. Back in 1990, the trail was paved to provide a smoother, safer path for its enthusiasts. The trail has become a family favorite for walking, running, bird watching, fishing, biking and wheeling along in our community.

Over the years, the trail has become in need of some TLC. Our harsh winters and sunny summers have taken their toll on the paved path. In order to keep our trail enthusiasts safer, improvements are needed. The fall of 2013 is an exciting time for the community - the Village is widening and repaving the trail! This renovation project will reestablish trail integrity for years to come.

Please join us in supporting the Village of Allouez in promoting safer routes to walk and bike within our cozy community. Your contribution will help families enjoy the beautiful outdoors that Allouez has to offer.

Thank you.

See you on the trail!

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Brad Lange

Contact me

Thank you for your interest in supporting the redevelopment of the Resch Family East River Trail in the Village of Allouez, WI.

As the Parks and Recreation Director, I am proud the Village is able to offer our residents and visitors the opportunity to experience the beauty of the great outdoors along the East River.

Thank you for your support!

I'll see you on the trail.

Brad Lange
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$ 10,015.70 was raised by 22 people
  • $500
    Anneliese Waggoner


    Thank you!
  • $150
    Michael and Pat O'Neill


    Thank you trail users!
  • $500
    Dale and Dotty Vollrath


    Thank you for supporting the trail.
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