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Bring Colucci Home - funeral expenses for Bobby
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  • Joanna Bimonte
    2013-02-07 16:05:09

    I just set up a donation account for the Colucci family. Please help with the expenses to bring his remains home.

About This Cause

As we all know, Bobby Colucci passed away last week. He was on the other side of the country. Denise and Ashley are left in a difficult position, unable to pay for the cremation and having ashes sent home.

Please help out with whatever you can to defray the expenses. They are left without life insurance.

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Joanna Bimonte

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$ 1,414.58 was raised by 23 people
  • $25
    Joseph Leotta


    classmate from St Thersa oh so sorry
  • $41.46
    Raul Lucaci


    No Comment
  • $51.75
    Maria O'Reilly


    We are so sorry for your loss.
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“Within five minutes, we set up a page on and we asked a couple of other alumni to send an email appeal with a link to our page to our fraternity brothers. It was only a matter of minutes before the donations started coming in. Within 48 hours, we had raised over $10,000.”
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