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Photos of "BringLillyHome"
This is my daughter lilly and her mother the abductor


Lilly Abigail Baumann(Everett) was reported missing on Tuesday, May 13th 2014. Her father, Robert Baumann, had dropped her off to her mother, Megan Everett, at her home at 11910 NW 33rd St Sunrise, Fl the previous Tuesday, as per their court-ordered custody arrangement. When he went knocked on the door, he was met by Megan's boyfriend, Carlos Lesters(aka CC Lesters, aka Ace Adkins, aka Jefferson Davis(on FB)). Carlos told him that Megan had moved, and slammed the door in his face. Robert immediately called the police. The Sunrise PD responded, and searched the house. They found that all of Lilly and Megan's belongings and furniture had been removed. Megan had left a note to Carlos, stating that she loved him and would miss him, but she couldn't let "them take her(Lilly) and vaccinate her and brainwash her" and that she couldn't allow a judge to tell her how to raise her daughter. She also mentioned that she thought Lilly and herself would be better off with her family. This note was a deliberate attempt to lead the investigation away from Carlos, and keep them occupied with Megan's relatives, all of whom she had cut out of her life upon becoming involved with Carlos. Upon becoming involved with Carlos, Megan began cutting off friends and family members and adopting his extreme views, many of which she had opposed her entire life. ****I want to make it clear that this is NOT a political group, and we are open to any and all opinions and ways of life. ***** Carlos is a gun enthusiast, which is, in itself, not a problem. The problem stems from his lack of regard for safety. Carlos and Megan posted several photos of an INFANT Lilly playing with boxes of ammo. They posted photos of Lilly sitting within reach of a gun, and have several guns in their home WHERE A TODDLER WAS LIVING, that are not locked up. Carlos and Megan also posted photos of Lilly passed out sleeping on a tile floor, next to a case of beer. They post photos of her sleeping with captions such as "dead baby" and "she wouldn't calm down, so I just sprayed her with the windex", as well as calling her a "retard." Carlos is a racist, and discriminates against and promotes hate for anyone who is different from him. All of which would be evident had he not VERY RECENTLY deleted all of his facebook accounts. Megan has family(who she isn't likely to reach out to, but is still worth mentioning) in North Carolina. Then there is always the possibility that they are still hiding in Florida. The Fl tag 421 MLE is registered to Megan, and she may be driving a silver Saturn. You can visit my facebook page at Bring Lilly Home at



Robert Baumann

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My name is Robert Baumann. I am a concerned and loving father who went through a year long custody battle. End result i gained shared parental responsibility and joint custody. Finally giving me my rights to see my little girl lilly two weeks a month. Following gaining all this in court my ex megan everett made the decision to run and hid with my daughter. Her location is unkown and the police are currently looking for her. The Facebook page is bringlillyhome. There you can see the entire story.
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    james brown


    i pray you find your girl safe. I'm a step dad. had the bio dad on a drug binge keep our boy for only 8 days i went out of my mind. my prayers are with you!
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    Samantha Wolf


    No Comment
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    Laurie Linsner


    Again, it's not much but I will catch it again on payday. Much love <3
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