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This is my daughter lilly and her mother the abductor

Robert Baumann

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My name is Robert Baumann. I am a concerned and loving father who went through a year long custody battle. End result i gained shared parental responsibility and joint custody. Finally giving me my rights to see my little girl lilly two weeks a month. Following gaining all this in court my ex megan everett made the decision to run and hid with my daughter. Her location is unkown and the police are currently looking for her. The Facebook page is bringlillyhome. There you can see the entire story.
  • $ 20
    james brown
    8 years ago

    i pray you find your girl safe. I'm a step dad. ha...

  • $ 154
    Samantha Wolf
    8 years ago

    No Comment

  • $ 10
    Laurie Linsner
    8 years ago

    Again, it's not much but I will catch it again on ...

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