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About This Cause

"Bahayan," in Filipino, means “to build a home." This is the thrust of our BaHaiyan Fund.

For every $350 that we are able to raise, we will help rebuild a home for a Filipino family, giving them a fresh start.

We've formed a partnership with Habitat for Humanity Philippines. The way this works is that Habitat will provide the on-the-ground logistics and will supply us with the corresponding reports for us to make sure that the funds are being used appropriately.

We’ve set up a Facebook page where people can go for updates (

Some say that the strength of the Filipino lies in his resilience in the face of tragedy. We believe that this resilience is borne out of an indomitable solidarity that transcends geographical lines. We humbly ask for your support in helping Filipinos rise from these dark times.

No donation is too small. Thank you very much for your generosity.

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We are a group of Filipino graduate students from Harvard, MIT, Babson, NYU and Wharton and we want to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan.
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$ 17,674.80 was raised by 179 people
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  • $1006
    Christopher Lapinig


    From the families of Batch '82.
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    Kristen Young


    HBS Section I!
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“Within five minutes, we set up a page on and we asked a couple of other alumni to send an email appeal with a link to our page to our fraternity brothers. It was only a matter of minutes before the donations started coming in. Within 48 hours, we had raised over $10,000.”
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