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Operation Purple - Oregon Summer Star
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About This Cause

We do our best to help veterans and military families. The owner of Creekside Mortgage has agreed that if we are able to raise $2000, not only will Creekside Mortgage match that contribution, but the owner, Kerry Greenwald will shave his head into a mohawk and dye it purple. All donations will go to Operation Purple's Oregon Summer Star Program, a program of the National Military Family Association produced locally by the Tsuga Community Commission and their supporting partners.
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Creekside Mortgage is comprised of veterans, spouses of veterans, and close military families. We want to help kids in our community whose parents are connected to the military and otherwise would be unable to attend a great summer camp.

We need you to help by donating to the cause. 100% of what we raise will go directly to the Oregon Summer Star program. And, if we raise $2000 or more, we'll get to watch Kerry Greenwald get a purple mowhawk!

We recommend donating $10 but will be grateful for whatever amount you can.

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Creekside Mortgage

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We're a locally owned and operated mortgage broker that focuses on helping veterans get homes. We are comprised of almost all US Military veterans, so we know what it means to sacrifice for your country. Learn more at
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$ 2,606.71 was raised by 35 people
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    Thanks for sacrificing your hair for this!
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“Within five minutes, we set up a page on and we asked a couple of other alumni to send an email appeal with a link to our page to our fraternity brothers. It was only a matter of minutes before the donations started coming in. Within 48 hours, we had raised over $10,000.”
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