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I am sure you all remember Willa of Ben & Willa. Willa has fallen on hard times. She is 70 now and living on social security. She has fallen behind on her property taxes and is at risk of losing her home. Ben and Willa have owned their home since 1979. Willa needs approximately $7000 in order for her house not to be auctioned in June.

Ben & Willa took care of all of us for 4 years at Emory -- now we can give something back. Please consider making a one time donation to help save Willa's house!

If we raise more than $7,000, we will set up a special account to help Willa pay her taxes going forward.

UPDATE!!! We have spoken to Willa and let her know that everyone is helping to save her house. She was overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. Thanks to everyone who has donated already!

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Hope Bash

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  • $ 200
    2 years ago

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  • $ 50
    David Kreinces
    2 years ago

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  • $ 100
    Rick Rimler
    3 years ago

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