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  • Amy Baldwin
    2013-08-20 21:36:31

    Sponsor Daisy the Spider Monkey!

About This Cause

Daisy is a 7 year old Spider Monkey from Boquete, Panama. She has had two previous owners, but currently lives happily at Jungla de Panama (www.jungladepanama.org), a wildlife rescue and educational facility in Palmira, Boquete.

Spider Monkeys like Daisy are endangered. At Jungla de Panama, Daisy lives in a large enclosure with plenty of room to swing and climb. Children visiting Jungla can see how beautiful she is, and learn why saving the rainforest is important for endangered animals like the spider monkey. Visitors also learn the dangers of trying to keep such a large and active animal as a pet.

Feeding Daisy costs about $50 a week. Combined with about 50 other animals at the facility, thats a lot of bananas! My goal is to raise enough money to feed Daisy for 1 year.

Please help sponsor Daisy the Spider Monkey! Any gift over $25 and receive a free mug with the Jungla logo, $50 and Jungla de Panama will give you a free tour, and a visit with Daisy herself, $75 and get a free t-shirt any size/color. Any gift over $100 and you and a guest can stay free at the on-site hostel (tour included). (Please bring proof of donation)

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  • Community Fundraising
Created by:

Amy Baldwin

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I volunteered at Jungla de Panama this summer and fell in love with Daisy the Spider Monkey! I wanted to keep helping Jungla even after I left, so I created this donation page. 100% of donations go to Jungla. I'm even chipping in the fees subtracted by DonationTo and PayPal so every penny you give goes to Daisy! $0.15 buys three bananas so every bit helps!
  • $ 25
    Jay Tunnicliffe
    1 year ago

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  • $ 10
    Joe Haydu
    1 year ago

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  • $ 25
    1 year ago

    Use the cost of teh mug to enhance the food fund

  • Tier Rewards
  • Bronze $25

    Free mug with Jungla de Panama logo

  • Silver $50

    Free tour for 2 at Jungla de Panama

  • Gold $75

    Free t-shirt (specify size/color) with Jungla logo

  • Gold $100

    Free overnight stay for 2 at Jungla (includes tour)

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