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About This Cause

Thank you for visiting our donation site for Katie Cook. On May 16,2014 Katie was involved in a horrendous domestic violence attack that resulted in 3rd degree burns on 70% of her body. She remains in a burn unit in critical condition. Even after 2 months Katie is still not out of the woods. After 23 surgeries to debride and clean her skin Katie had her very first skin graft on July 8th, 2014. Due to the severe extent of her burns she has very little skin to graft from. Katie's skin grafts are cultured epidermal autografts. These were grown from small postage stamp biopsies taken when she first arrived to the hospital she is in. These are called CEA skin grafts. We hope for the best and know that some of this will not take. She will go through several more rounds of grafting. She still has the tracheotomy and is unable to talk. She can mouth some things and her family, nurses and doctors are able to make out what she is saying at times. Katie still needs your hope, your love, your prayers and support.

Her husband was charged with attempted murder by the Oconee County Sheriff’s Department in South Carolina. He remains incarcerated. Her parents were brave enough to share her story with a local Minnesota news station which you can view here:

We don't know how long Katie will remain in the burn intensive care unit. Her recovery is still very uncertain but she continues to fight. The physical and spiritual strength of her heart have amazed us all. She is truly amazing and her strength is fueled by every single one of you hoping, praying and sending your positive energy to her.

So many amazing family and friends have asked how they can help or where they can send donations so we set up this site to embrace your support. We can't overstate how much we appreciate your donations, your help, your love and thoughts and prayers. Given Katie's critical state, we can't yet foresee all of the expenses related to her recovery; this donation of support will assist with the anticipated financial burden the Cook family will incur during her ongoing rehabilitation and return to a full and happy life.

You can also support Katie by raising awareness of domestic violence. Let everyone know that domestic violence will not be tolerated, it is never OK. You can find help, YOU could be the help somebody else needs! Please visit to purchase a T-shirt or bracelett to fund Katie's recovery.

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$ 28,653.15 was raised by 224 people
  • $41.46
    Edith Tinkler


    Bless you on your road to recovery.
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    Tyler Aasness


    Get well soon Katie. Thinking of you.
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    Tracy M


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