Animal Crowdfunding For Doggy Peanut

Instead of allowing their dog to be in constant pain, Stephanie and Paul are asking for support from their family, friends and coworkers via a fundraising campaign. They have also utilized the power of social media to reach out to animal lovers worldwide. Their campaign has a goal of $8,000, and 182 people have already helped them raise more than $6,000 so that Peanut can resume living a pain-free life.


Scholarship Campaign In Honor of Jake Merrill

Our website provided Jake's friends with the perfect resource for collecting donations, and they were able to exceed their $2,000 goal by almost $200. This means that Jake's memory will be honored with the scholarship fund, and students who revere learning and the outdoors as much as Jake did will have the opportunity to walk in his educational footsteps.


Online Fundraising for the Boy Scouts of America

One of the biggest perks of using DonationTo for your online fundraising campaign is that you will receive access to a free social networking integration tool that makes it easy to spread the word. A good example of how helpful this can be is showcased in the highly successful Daja-Brown Rogers Memorial Fund. By utilizing the tools that DonationTo provided, the Brown-Rogers family was able to raise more than $18,000.


Creating An Online Memorial Fund – Matt Mo

The average cost of a funeral is approximately $10,000, so the family's goal of raising $5,500 was very modest and indicative of the fact that they were still going to pay for many aspects of the service. Fortunately, 75 supporters made an online donation, and this allowed the family to exceed their goal by almost $900. Their intention was to use this funding to pay for the casket, plot and all applicable funeral services, and any additional money will be put into creating a scholarship in Matt's name.


Fundraising with Instagram – Five Tips For Images

This particular social media app is centered around images, so it will be even more critical than usual to make sure that you choose pictures that will help you get your message across. Keep in mind that it is easiest to get people to contribute to an online charity campaign when they see photos of the affected individual, animal or organization. For example, if you are trying to raise money to get a necessary surgery for your beloved pet, you need to make sure that they are featured in your photographs. It will also be extremely beneficial to post images that include you and your pet because research indicates that pictures on Instagram that include a person's face are more likable.

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