Medical Fundraising To Stop ALS – Lyme disease

Although Eric has insurance, it does not pay for everything. Therefore, a medical crowdfunding campaign was set up with the intention of providing supporters with the option to make an online donation to assist with all of the unexpected expenses that Eric and his wife are now dealing with. The original goal for this campaign was $3,000, but the generosity of Eric's family and friends has led to almost $7,000 in contributions.

Medical Fundraising – Colon Cancer

During the last month, Scott has completed five radiation sessions to get rid of the tumors that had developed in his spine. At this point, Scott is responding well to medical treatment, and his family is very optimistic about his long-term prognosis. The generosity of Scott's supporters has also provided the family with almost $2,000 to assist them with all of the applicable medical expenses.


Memorial Fundraising For Miki Green

Miki's daughters set a goal of $5,000 to help a Suffolk County Community College student pursue their goal of becoming a social worker by transferring to a four-year university. To date, this crowdfunding campaign has already collected almost $4,100, and we make it possible for each of our fundraising hosts to receive donations in real time so that they do not need to wait until they have a fully funded campaign to start putting the contributions to work for a good cause.


Funeral Fundraising For Little Benjamin

In order to deal with the expenses related with Benjamin's death, a family friend made the decision to ask people to give an online donation via their funeral fundraising page. The goal was set at $5,000, and the generosity of their supporters has already amassed more than $3,700.


Fundraising For Bar Mitzvah Project

The intention of this fundraiser is to raise $1,000 that will be donated to the Jewish Family and Children Services of Greater Mercer County (JFCS) in order to assist Jewish people who are living in poverty with the goal of having access to enough kosher food to avoid going to bed hungry. The JFCS helps approximately 3,000 people per year, and receiving a substantial contribution will make it easier for them to expand their services in the future.


Medical Crowdfunding – Stage V Kidney Failure

This group had the ambitious goal of raising $25,000, and they were able to gather enough support to exceed this guideline by more than $5,500. Valorie saved over $1,900 in fees by using DonationTo paid accounts. This enabled her to keep 100% of all donations and avoid credit card fees!


Crowdfunding To Fight Breast Cancer

Spreading the word via our social networking integration tool and email function made it easy to let everyone know how important it was for them to contribute an online donation to this worthy cause. In fact, Christine's supporters came together and exceeded the total goal of $5,000 by more than $400. This has made it easier for the entire family to deal with Christine's medical treatment because it has alleviated a lot of stress from the household.


Fundraising For Medical Bills – Hadley

Hadley's family utilized our easy to use platform to spread the word about her feeding issues, and it helped them raise more than $9,600. Hadley and family saved over $500 by using DonationTo Paid accounts for their medical fundraising! This enabled them to keep 100% of all donations.

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