Online Memorial Fund – Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens Memorial Fund Raised Over $10,000 Using On January 21, 2015, Detective Scott Stevens lost his life suddenly after being injured in a car accident. Scott's wife and 10-year-old son, are left dealing with the financial issues that accompany an unexpected death.


How To Raise Money Online

49 fundraising tips to make you a fundraising expert! The following fundraising tips are especially viable because they are contextualized with proper timing- Remember every fundraising campaign has four key stages:


5 tips on how to drive contributors from offline

Even if you do not have the artistic ability to create the right type of design, you should be able to find someone to help you in your extended network of social media connections. You can also look for art students or graphic designers who are willing to donate their time to a worthy charity. Ultimately, this tip will help you in two ways: you will learn the lesson that you need to be willing to ask people for help, and you will also find yourself in a better position to attract enough supporters to hit your goal.


4 fundraising tips for cat medical expense

There are cat lovers all over the Internet, and this has been illustrated by the popularity of animals such as Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub. Part of the appeal of these cats is the fact that their owners were able to capture high quality photographs of them. For example, no one would have been interested in adding captions to countless Grumpy Cat memes if each image had been blurry. This one simple fact helps highlight the necessity of using the proper photographs of your cat. In fact, it will be easier to convince people to make a donation if the main image on your fundraising page shows them how cute your four-legged companion is. Therefore, you need to either take a current photo or look through your favorite pictures to find an image that is high quality enough to capture attention.


4 Fundraising Tips for Quebec City Marathon/Marathon des Deux Rives

Race crowdfunding is extremely popular, and our site will enable each of your supporters to make an online donation 24/7 via PayPal or WePay from their laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop. We will also help you maximize each contribution that you receive with our low fee structure. You will be able to keep 100 percent of the money you raise, and we will enable you to avoid paying for any extra credit card processing fees. Additionally, you will receive access to several features and tips that will help you improve your campaign, including our social networking integration tool.

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