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Help Super CW Beat Cancer Fundraiser

Crowdfunding campaigns have become a very popular and common way to raise money online for a diverse list of worthy causes, ranging from medical issues to weddings. DonationTo is pleased to provide an easy to use fundraising platform that enables anyone to launch a campaign within five minutes. In fact, our simplistic dashboard has been designed with novices in mind, but our tools are also robust enough to be helpful for people with an extensive amount of fundraising experience.

One of the best features of DonationTo is that we have partnered with two well-known online payment processing companies: PayPal and WePay. This will help people feel more confident about donating online, and it will also make it easier for you to hit your goal. Additionally, each donor will be given the opportunity to cover the minimal processing fee, which would leave you with 100 percent of their intended contribution.

We include a long list of helpful tools that will make it possible to build, launch and maintain your fundraiser. For example, our one click email tool enables you to send out updates about your campaign to everyone at once! You can also read through our informative blog posts to get tips for making your efforts more successful and upload photos to tell the story of your campaign.

Help Super CW Beat Cancer

At the age of 39, Hawaii resident and successful DJ Christa Wittmier was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. This diagnosis brought with it the need for expensive medical treatment, and the chemotherapy makes it impossible for Christa to work. Shockingly, her monthly out-of-pocket expenses after the insurance company takes care of their cut are still an astounding $10,000. This prompted a family member to create a fundraising campaign to help Christa deal with the financial burden of seeking aggressive treatment for the disease. Donations are being accepted here.

Unfortunately, Christa’s doctor has stated that she only has a 30 percent chance of surviving, and this would become practically zero if she was unable to keep receiving the prescribed course of treatment. The goal of the Help Super CW Beat Cancer campaign is to raise $50,000, and more than $12,000 has been collected to date. A generous donor has also agreed to double the first $14,000 raised, so this means that the true current amount is approximately $24,000. If you would like to help Christa fight cancer, you can visit the fundraising page to make an online donation.

What is Invasive Ductal Carcinoma?

Invasive ductal carcinoma is the most common form of breast cancer. According to, 80 percent of all breast cancer cases involve this particular carcinoma. Anyone who has been diagnosed with this form of cancer first developed the disease in their milk ducts, but it has since spread to other areas of the breast tissue.


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Every year, more than 180,000 people receive a breast cancer diagnosis, and 144,400 of them will battle the same medical condition as Christa. Most invasive ductal carcinoma patients are 55 or older, but people of any age or gender can be affected. There are several symptoms that can help people determine that they should go their physician, including breast pain or nipple pain, breast swelling, an underarm lump and skin dimpling. If you have any of these issues, it is wise to make an appointment with your doctor right away.

The Power of Comments

We understand that people who are dealing with a serious medical condition need assistance raising money to meet their financial obligations, but it is also necessary to provide them with emotional support. To help make this possible, we added a comments feature to every crowdfunding page. Each person who donates is given the opportunity to leave some words of support, and this can be very beneficial for everyone involved with the fundraiser.


Kyle Mitsumori left a very supportive comment along with his $350 donation, and this helps highlight just how important this feature can be:

“Christa, keep strong and fight hard. It is all but another experience in your life like you said, and when you get through it, you will have that much more of a wonderful life! Please let me know if you need anything at all!”


Even people with the best quality health insurance can still end up dealing with exorbitant fees if they contract a serious illness such as breast cancer, and their inability to work exacerbates an already difficult situation. The good news is that online fundraising is a common method for getting assistance from people around the world, and it makes the process much easier than trying to connect with people in the local area to accept donations.

DonationTo has put several helpful tools in place to make the crowdfunding process as seamless as possible. You will have access to one click emailing, social networking integration and unlimited photo uploads. Additionally, your supporters will have the ability to make sure that you receive 100 percent of their contribution. Due to our partnership with WePay and PayPal, you can also get each donation in real time.

Christa’s campaign to help her pay for cancer treatment is a good example of the power of online fundraising. Her supporters have already donated more than $12,000, and they have also left several supportive comments that can help lift Christa’s spirits throughout this difficult time.

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