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When Kris Zehm was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma, the Cornerstone Bible Church decided to host an online fundraising campaign to help the Zehm family deal with the necessary medical expenses – donations can be given here. Kris had a surgery in March 2013 to remove the grade three malignant brain tumor, but that was not enough to complete his treatment. Instead, Kris is now undergoing chemotherapy and radiation in order to help him beat cancer. By using DonationTo to create their fundraising page they saved over $500! At you keep 100% of all donations and avoid credit card fees.


The church selected DonationTo as their fundraising platform because we enabled them to avoid paying credit card processing fees, and we also let them keep 100 percent of their supporters’ contributions. The decision to use DonationTo allowed the Cornerstone Bible Church to provide the Zehm family with more than $500 that would have been absorbed by the fees that are charged by some of the other fundraising websites.

Battling cancer is physically and emotionally arduous, and dealing with the financial aspects can make it overwhelming for some patients. Fortunately, anyone can raise money online with DonationTo, even if they are not sure how to fundraise. All you have to do is follow the example of the Cornerstone Bible Church and put your fundraising ideas to work with an online fundraising page.

What is Anaplastic Astrocytoma?

Individuals who are diagnosed with an anaplastic astrocytoma have a grade three brain tumor. Most patients with anaplastic astrocytoma did not have any specific risk factors. However, a small percentage of those who have the disease will have a hereditary predisposition, and exposure to large quantities of radiation therapy and vinyl chloride has also been linked to some cases.


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An individual who has anaplastic astrocytoma may experience a variety of increasingly persistent symptoms during the first two years of the disease. The most common symptoms include headaches and depression, but some patients will also have seizures and develop focal neurological deficits.

The most common treatment for anaplastic astrocytoma is to remove the tumor. However, the surgeon will have to determine how much of the tumor can be safely removed without having a negative impact on the brain, and this means that many patients will continue to have a small portion of the tumor even after surgery. Radiation therapy is also common, and it has been proven to extend the life expectancy for most patients. On the other hand, chemotherapy has not produced any positive measurable results for this condition, so most doctors will avoid using it.

Sadly, the majority of patients with this condition have a life expectancy of only five years after they go through the surgical procedure. This is caused by the fact that it is extremely difficult to remove the entire tumor. However, without the surgery, the life expectancy rate drops to only two years, so it definitely makes sense to ask people to donate online to make it easier to afford the surgery.

The Value of using DonationTo for your fundraising page

DonationTo made it easy for the Cornerstone Bible Church to raise more than $9,200 to help the Zehm family. The organizer did not need to know how to fundraise before they began working on this project because DonationTo made it easy for them to access several helpful tools. Additionally, they did not have to worry about paying a lot of fees, and they were also able to keep 100 percent of the money that was donated and avoid credit card fees. Using DonationTo is a great way to raise money online for any worthy cause, and we make it easy to get your fundraising ideas in front of a large audience.


When the Cornerstone Bible Church found out that Kris Zehm has anaplastic astrocytoma, they decided to ask people to donate online via DonationTo. The Zehm family is dealing with large medical expenses and the loss of Kris’ income during this difficult time, but the successful online fundraiser was able to relieve some of their financial stress. In fact, the church raised more than $9,200, and they avoided paying exorbitant fundraising fees by partnering with DonationTo. Although the typical survival rate for anaplastic astrocytoma patients is only five years after surgery, it is possible for patients to live a much longer life. Therefore, it is important to turn to online fundraising to assist people who are facing astronomical medical expenses.

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