3 Mistakes To Avoid When Adding Photos To Your Fundraising Page

DonationTo is a fundraising website that is dedicated to assisting people worldwide with their donation goals. We provide a low fee platform, and each of our users is enabled to avoid paying for any extra credit card processing fees. Additionally, users have the ability to keep 100 percent of the money that they raise for their charity or personal project.


Three Tips to Give Your Fundraising Page Life

The DonationTo website provides fundraising hosts around the world with the opportunity to ask their supporters to make a donation online. We offer the option to collect contributions via PayPal and WePay, and we also make each donation available in real time so that you can immediately begin receiving assistance for your charity or other worthy cause.


Memorial Fundraising For Matt

After Matt was originally diagnosed, his family made the decision to seek out assistance by creating a crowdfunding page. They were able to collect more than $10,700 to help pay for his necessary treatment, and this made it much easier for his family to be by his side - read more about Matt...


Medical Fundraising for Kiara

The O'Keefe Family Saved Over $1,200 Using DonationTo Paid Accounts! After making the decision to use DonationTo as their crowdfunding partner, the O'Keefe family began harnessing the power of the Internet in order to spread the word. and raised over $22,000!


Fundraising and Hashtag Usage

It is critical for you to take full advantage of social media in order to generate enough interest in your cause. Due to this, we will now focus on the lesson of harnessing the power of hashtags to increase donations learn more...


3 Tips To Stay In Contact With Donors

There is a learning curve when it comes to launching your first campaign, and this lesson will focus on the importance of follow-up. After all, it is absolutely critical to follow-up with your supporters after your fundraiser ends. Failure to do so will have a negative impact on any future crowdfunding efforts.


3 Ways That Crowdfunding is Like a Job

DonationTo has a proven history of providing thousands of people worldwide with an easy to use platform that helps increase each user's odds of having a fully funded campaign. In fact, we offer a long list of useful tools and tips that can help you launch and maintain your fundraiser, and taking advantage of these options is one of the best ways to hit your goal.


College Funding For Your School

Using the DonationTo website is the perfect way to expand your school fundraising operations, but it is also a good idea to incorporate a mixture of online and offline activities to help you collect as much money as possible read more...

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