Fundraising For Adenocarcinoma Cancer

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When Jaime Pitale was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer, his friend Jerry decided to host an online fundraising campaign to help with the necessary medical expenses. Today Jerry is using to raise the funds. Because he is using DonationTo, he will keep 100% of all donations and avoid credit card fees.

By using DonationTo, Jerry has already saved approximately $240!


However, instead of simply asking people to donate online, Jerry will also be running in a marathon in Jaime’s honor on June 2, 2013. It is Jerry’s hope that using a marathon to bring his fundraising ideas to life will help him meet his goal of raising $10,000.

Jaime was working in Thailand when he was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma cancer. Unfortunately, his employer did not offer insurance to cover anything other than injuries, so Jaime now has to pay for all of his medical treatment. The cost of treating cancer is extremely high, and every dollar that is donated to Jerry’s fundraiser will make it easier for Jaime to receive the medication that is necessary for his survival.

Jaime is currently in his home state of Pennsylvania for treatment. Jerry is asking supporters to tie their donations to either the marathon itself or his training efforts. For example, he has stated that donors who pledge to pay even five cents per training mile will have a big impact on his online fundraising efforts.

What is Adenocarcinoma Cancer?


Adenocarcinoma cancer makes its first appearance in the patient’s glandular tissue. From there, the cancer can spread via any epithelial tissue until it infects major organs. For example, Jaime’s adenocarcinoma cancer has spread into his lungs and brain. Adenocarcinoma typically affects patients such as Jaime who have never been smokers. The disease can also cause a long list of symptoms and other medical complications, including weight loss, fatigue, weakness, pain in the abdomen, obstructions, vomiting, severe nausea, perforations and anemia.

The severity of the patient’s cancer will be a major determining factor in the type of treatment that is used, but it is common for a doctor to recommend hormone therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy or biological therapy. However, regardless of the treatment method that is used, patients only have a 15 percent chance of surviving the illness. Each year, lung cancer claims the lives of almost 159,000 people in the U.S., and a large percentage of these deaths are caused by adenocarcinoma.

Unfortunately, the beginning stages of adenocarcinoma are typically accompanied by vague symptoms that can be confused for other issues. For example, a person who has just developed the disease might feel aches in their back, shoulder or chest, and this is not something that would make most people decide to visit their doctor for a cancer screening. Other early warning signs to watch for include shortness of breath and fatigue, but most people will not experience more typical lung cancer symptoms such as coughing up blood or a chronic cough until the disease has gone past the beginning stages. However, if you wait until you begin experiencing these particular issues, your life expectancy could drop to less than five years.

The Benefits of Using DonationTo

Using DonationTo as your platform to raise money online makes it easy for anyone to start a fundraiser, even if you do not know how to fundraise. As an added bonus, you will be able to keep 100 percent of the money that your supporters donate online, and we enable you to avoid paying credit card processing fees. Additionally, you will also receive several tools to make it easier to raise money online, including social networking integration. Therefore, DonationTo is a quality choice to help you share your fundraising ideas with potential supporters.


Jaime has adenocarcinoma cancer, and he does not have the proper medical insurance to pay for his treatments. Therefore, his friend Jerry has launched a fundraising campaign to raise money online to pay for some of Jaime’s medical expenses. Because Jerry chose DonationTo as his platform, he did not need to know how to fundraise in order to get started. Jerry will also be able to give Jaime 100 percent of the funds that are raised, and we enable him to avoid dealing with credit card processing fees. By using DonationTo, Jerry has already saved approximately $240!  Because every dollar counts, it is important to always maximize your fundraising potential.

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