Fundraising For Gliomatosis Cerebri Brain Cancer

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Cooper Anderson was diagnosed with gliomatosis cerebri, a rare form of brain cancer, on Feburary 1, 2013. The 12-year-old attends school in Prosper, Texas, and his family has a long list of medical expenses that will not be covered by their insurance company. To help Cooper undergo all of the necessary procedures, his family decided to host an online fundraising campaign. Using DonationTo is one of the best ways to raise money online because it enables supporters to keep 100% of all donations and avoid credit card fees. The Andersons have saved over $900 by using to create their fundraising page. 

Cooper, who goes by the nickname Coop, is undergoing an aggressive treatment plan in an attempt to beat the cancer. The plan includes radiation five times a week for six weeks along with oral chemo. Additionally, Cooper has been doing physical therapy, and he will need to have chemo twice a month after the initial six weeks of treatment are completed.

Although Cooper is the one who is dealing with the cancer, it has a big effect on his entire family. After all, cancer is difficult for any family to deal with, but it is especially hard for parents to see a young child going through radiation and chemo. However, the family is committed to doing whatever it takes to make Cooper better, including signing him up for clinical trials.

By turning their fundraising ideas into a reality, the family has already raised more than $20,000 to date. However, they still need almost $30,000 to hit their goal. Therefore, it is still vital for supporters to donate online to this worthy cause. If you are interested in helping Cooper battle cancer, you can make a donation by clicking here.

What Exactly is Gliomatosis Cerebri?


The disease that Cooper has is called gliomatosis cerebri, and it is an extremely rare brain tumor that usually impacts people who are over the age of 30. The fact that Cooper is only 12 makes his condition even rarer. Sadly, most people who contract this illness will die within 12 months, and surgery is not considered to be a practical option. Therefore, radiation and chemotherapy are the only viable options, but there has been no conclusive evidence that standard chemotherapy is actually a successful treatment method.

A person who has gliomatosis cerebri can appear to have other conditions instead such as Parkinson’s disease and progressive dementia. Because of this, it can be difficult for older patients to get a correct diagnosis. Even younger patients may be misdiagnosed, however, because the tumor can be practically indistinguishable from other forms of brain cancer in an MRI scan. The symptoms of gliomatosis cerebri also mimic several other conditions. If you have this rare form of cancer, you may experience visual disturbances, headaches, personality changes, dementia, lethargy, seizures and defects in the corticospinal tract.

Because gliomatosis cerebri is so rare, there are some facilities that conduct clinical trials in an attempt to learn if experimental treatments can improve a patient’s prognosis. Sadly, these trials are still extremely necessary at this point, because even the most aggressive of traditional treatment methods has a low chance of success. This is why Cooper’s family decided to participate in these trials, but they cannot receive any assistance from their insurance company for this portion of the treatment.

Tracking Cooper’s Progress

If you are one of Cooper’s supporters, you can easily track his progress by signing up for a Caring Bridge account.

Turning to DonationTo

By using DonationTo, Cooper’s family was able to begin the process of raising money without needing to know how to fundraise. In fact, DonationTo provided them with all of the necessary tools to make the entire process quick and easy. Additionally, they are able to receive 100 percent of the money that is donated, and we enable them to avoid paying for any credit card processing fees. Because we do not have the same fee structure in place as several other online fundraising sites, the Anderson family has already saved over $1,000.


Cooper Anderson is battling with an extremely rare form of brain cancer, and the family has a long list of medical expenses that will not be covered by their insurance. In order to help Cooper receive an aggressive treatment plan, the family is asking supporters to donate online via their fundraising page. Patients who have Cooper’s disease have a poor prognosis, but his family is using their fundraising ideas to help them pay for experimental chemo drugs.

By using DonationTo, the Anderson family did not need to know how to fundraise, and they also did not need any technical skills. Instead, they were provided with a simple platform that makes it easy to quickly raise money online. Supporters have already donated almost 41 percent of the family’s goal, but they are still looking for additional contributions.

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