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A Review: The Garrett Bradley Frazier Memorial Fund was created by a group of friends who wanted to help the Frazier family deal with the loss of their youngest son. Garrett passed away just before his third birthday, and this left his family with the expense of dealing with a funeral while also taking time to grieve. By asking people to donate online, the friends of the Frazier family hope to supply the family with the necessary funding to allow them take some time off of work after the funeral. During the funeral fundraising the Frazier family used to create the fundraising page. This enabled them to keep 100% of all donations, avoid credit care fees and save over $800 by using paid accounts.


Funerals typically cost approximately $6,500, and no family is ever prepared to bury a young child, especially one who was characterized as being as full of life as Garrett. By hosting an online fundraising campaign, people around the world are able to assist the Frazier family during this difficult time. One of the perks of deciding to raise money online is that people can donate at a time that is convenient for them, and this will increase you odds of turning your fundraising ideas into a campaign that becomes fully funded.

When the Frazier family’s friends decided to learn how to fundraise, they turned to for assistance. By utilizing this online fundraising website, you will not need to have any specific technical skills. In fact, the easy to use platform has been designed to make the process simplistic for people who do not know how to fundraise. However, by spending just a few minutes looking through the fundraising ideas and tips that provides, it will be possible for anyone to raise money online for a worthy cause.

In order to make the most of everyone’s donations, the host of this fundraiser decided to take advantage of one of’s paid accounts. These accounts cost as little as $9 per month, and they allow you to keep 100 percent of the donations that you receive and avoid credit card fees. Although some people prefer the idea of using a free fundraiser, the amount of fees that will be deducted from each donation will add up quickly. For example, the Garrett Bradley Frazier Memorial Fund saved $800 by using a paid account. The idea of asking people to donate online to a cause that could lose $800 to fees is a hard one to swallow, especially when a solid alternative is available.

By properly using all of the tools that offers, the host of this fundraiser was able to build a campaign that has more than doubled the initial goal. Every dollar has been made available to the family as soon as it was received, and the additional money that continues to come in daily is helping Garrett’s parents take the necessary time to grieve.

The crowdfunding for a funeral depicts empathy for the passed people and family. encourages people to crowd fund creating their own causes on our donation website.

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