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Paying for a wedding is extremely expensive, and many couples end up foregoing their honeymoon because it is so cost prohibitive. Fortunately, you can easily turn to a donation website to help you crowdfund for the necessary funding to bring your dream wedding to life. DonationTo is pleased to offer a fundraising platform that makes it simple to collect online donations from your family, friends and co-workers, and you do not need to have any technical skills in order to launch your crowdfunding campaign.

DonationTo is dedicated to helping people reach their fundraising goals, and this sets us apart from our competitors. We enable each of our users to avoid paying for any additional credit card processing fees, and you will also be able to keep 100 percent of the money that you raise- take a look at some success stories. Additionally, we offer several crowdfunding tools that will help you make your campaign go viral, and this will make it much easier to fund your wedding and honeymoon.

World Record Deepest Underwater Wedding

Hiro and Sandra met when they were both working in Vietnam, and their shared passion for diving cemented their growing relationship. Almost six years later, the couple is preparing to get married, and they turned to DonationTo as a resource to help them collect online donations. Instead of getting married in a traditional ceremony, the couple has decided to honor their love for each other and diving by setting a world record. If everything goes according to plan, they will say their vows inside an underwater cave that is 123 meters below the surface.


Because Sandra and Hiro work as technical dive instructors, they are asking people to donate toward the cost of equipment that will help them with their wedding and their careers. This is truly a unique wedding, and the couple will be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for the deepest underwater wedding after the wedding is completed. In order to make this dream become a reality, the couple decided to use a donation website to raise $3,000. By utilizing DonationTo’s fundraising tools, they have already collected almost half of their goal.

Crowdfunding Comments

One of the perks of using DonationTo is that all of your supporters will be able to leave comments along with their contribution to your cause. Hiro and Sandra’s page has received several comments from their donors, and they showcase how fun their dream wedding idea actually is. Additionally, the couple is utilizing the Facebook comments feature at the bottom of their page, and this has raised awareness by allowing people from all over the world to discuss this record-setting event.


Using a donation website such as DonationTo is the best way to encourage people to contribute, and it also makes it easy to spread the word about any worthy cause. When Sandra and Hiro decided to turn to DonationTo in order to crowdfund, they were able to quickly launch their campaign without needing any specific technical knowledge. The happy couple was able to raise almost half of their goal in a relatively short period of time, and they still have several weeks left to hit their goal.

DonationTo helps fundraisers collect enough money by enabling them to avoid paying additional credit card fees, and we also make it easy for our users to keep 100 percent of the money that their supporters donate. This process will help Hiro and Sandra bring their dreams to life, and they can also enjoy the verbal support of their donors through the comments section of their page.

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