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Help Naomi Battle Leukemia


Naomi was diagnosed with leukemia at the tender age of 16, and this has placed an enormous emotional and financial burden on her family. To make matters even worse, doctors were surprised to discover that Naomi is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which is sometimes referred to as ALL. The vast majority of patients who contract ALL are between the ages of two and five, and this means that Naomi’s illness needs to be treated even more aggressively than usual. In other words, the 16-year-old is looking at a medical battle that could last as long as 10 years.

Any leukemia diagnosis comes with a lot of medical expenses, but Naomi’s particular situation will require an extraordinary amount of funding. To help out, Naomi’s aunt Lynn launched an online fundraiser via DonationTo. More than $24,000 was raised within the first 12 days, but the long-term care that Naomi needs makes it necessary for the family to seek out even more support.

Naomi was in the process of getting a college scholarship for softball before her ALL diagnosis, and she is hopeful that the aggressive treatment plan will enable her to play again in the near future. To reach this goal, Naomi needs to not only undergo extensive treatment but also remain at home to rest whenever she is not in the hospital. This has forced the high school student to at least temporarily switch from her normal routine to being home schooled. Fortunately, every dollar that is raised makes it easier for Naomi’s mother to give her the full-time care that she needs, and this could be instrumental in helping her beat leukemia.

Offering Emotional Support

Making an online donation is a great way to assist Naomi and her family with the financial needs that have been caused by leukemia. However, it is also imperative for them to receive some much-needed emotional support. To make this process as simple as possible, DonationTo has enabled a comments feature. Every person who donates online is given the opportunity to post a few kind words of support. This can make a big difference in the life of an individual who is fighting a serious illness, and it also has the potential to encourage others to make a sizable donation.

The power of the comments feature is definitely on display on Naomi’s fundraising page. For example, it is


possible to gather contributions and emotional support from strangers who understand how dreadful dealing with leukemia can be. William Garnett highlighted this possibility by posting a comment along with a $100 donation:

“Naomi, I have another friend battling Leukemia. He is doing well and I know you will too. Although we have never met, I’m pulling for you.”

Upbeat comments can also put a smile on the face of the afflicted individual and their entire network of family


and friends. Dominic Ferrando clearly understood this based on his supportive comment:

“Naomi, you’ve got this! Sending all my positive thoughts and prayers toward your way. I know you are strong and WILL strike out Leukemia!”

Facts about Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

According to Cancer.org, approximately 6,250 new cases of ALL are diagnosed every year in the U.S. alone. Sadly, 23 percent of the people who contract ALL will pass away from complications of the disease. Although most ALL patients are around the age of five, it is also surprisingly common for people over the age of 50 to receive an ALL diagnosis. In fact, 40 percent of the current ALL patients in the U.S. are adults, and most of them are 50 or older.

Children have the best chance of beating ALL. In total, 80 percent of ALL fatalities occur in patients who are at least 18. Therefore, Naomi has a higher risk than the typical young ALL sufferer because she is so close to adulthood. Research estimates indicate that one out of every 750 U.S. residents will end up battling with ALL at some point during their life.

There are numerous symptoms associated with ALL. If you or someone you know is experiencing loss of appetite, frequent fevers, joint pain, weakness, easy bruising and pain below the ribs, it is vital to schedule an appointment with a physician right away.


Every form of cancer is expensive to treat, and leukemia is no exception. Fortunately, DonationTo provides an online fundraising platform that can assist people with the process of raising money for their medical bills. Naomi’s family turned to us after her ALL diagnosis, and they have already raised more than $24,000.

We offer many tools and features to make the entire process of raising money online as easy as possible. For example, you will be able to contact everyone at once with our one-click email feature, and you can also quickly raise awareness via our social networking integration tool. As an added bonus, your supporters will enjoy having the ability to choose between PayPal and WePay to process their payment.

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