Medical Fundraising Brain Aneurysm

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A review: The McShea Family – LPLL Support Network was a successful online fundraising campaign that was launched by a friend to assist George McShea and his family through a difficult medical process. George had a brain aneurysm, and his insurance was not enough to cover the cost of his medical expenses. The host was thrilled about how quickly he was able to make his fundraising ideas become a reality, and the page that he set up through helped him successfully raise money online for a worthy cause — and keep 100% of all donations, avoid credit card fees — to save over $700! In fact, his first venture into learning how to fundraise online was so successful, that he sent us the following comment.

“We had a beloved board member of our Little League baseball organization who suffered a brain aneurysm. As you can imagine, medical bill started to pile up, along with requests for support such as meals and transportation, while the family spent a good deal of time in the hospital. As a board we “passed around the hat” a few times to scrape up a couple hundred dollars to assist the family. We discussed as a board that this process was not very productive, and only scratched the surface of the family’s needs…”


“I went online searching for sites that could help expedite our request for funds and found “Donation To.” It was easy to set up, and a reasonable cost. We set a lofty goal to raise $10,000 in less than 2 months. We have a large email distribution chain for the entire Little League, so with one crafted email, we sent out the link to the webpage, and in a matter of days we had a couple thousand dollars pledged. Before the two month window was over, we exceeded our $10,000 goal! How spectacular it felt when the family came to our monthly board meeting and we were able to hand them more than $10,000 to help with their financial hardship.”


Stories such as this one highlight why it is important to let people donate online. After all, when the group tried to raise money in person, they only ended up with approximately $200. However, by taking their fundraising ideas and learning how to fundraise effectively on the Internet, they were able to quickly pass their goal.

Part of the reason that their attempt to raise money online was so successful was because they utilized one of’s paid accounts. By spending a small fixed fee, a month, their online fundraising page was launched, and they were able to collect donations without paying any additional fees. If they had decided to ask people to donate online without using a paid account, they would have lost over $700 dollars to fees and would still be attempting to hit their goal. As you can see, a small upfront investment is definitely the best way to help your fundraiser become a huge success.

There are diseases that imply extra costs for their treatment. Thus our donation website can teach you how to do medical crowdfunding and to crowd fund effectively.

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