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A Review: When Ron Tippe was diagnosed with brain cancer, his wife quickly went into action by starting the Ron’s Tippe Jar online fundraising page. Their page was created at – where they can keep 100% of all donation collected and avoid credit card fees.

Tippe family was able to save more than $1,900 by using DonationTo paid account


Although the family does have insurance, they are dealing with a wide range of other financial issues, including Ron’s lost wages. Ron had his first brain surgery on December 31, 2012, and although it was initially deemed a success, the brain cancer returned only three weeks later. This means that Ron needs a second surgery, and his wife, Molly, needs to be by his side. By using to raise money online, Molly will be able to take the necessary time off of work to support Ron through this difficult process. helped Molly learn how to fundraise quickly, and it has also provided a resource for almost $29,000 to date. Molly is thrilled with how easy it was to launch her fundraising ideas via the website, and she submitted the following review of the service:

“DonationTo has been central to our healing process. We cannot thank the people of DonationTo enough for uniting all of Ron’s friends and family together to support him. It is lifesaving.”


One of the best aspects of using an online fundraising campaign is that people will be able to donate online 24 hours a day. After all, the more convenient the process is, the more likely your supporters are to follow through with a donation. To make everything go even more smoothly, allows people to donate online via PayPal and or WePay.

Once you decide to turn your fundraising ideas into an online campaign, it is vital to select the right option. With, it is not necessary to know how to fundraise. In fact, the website is so user-friendly that anyone who can surf the Internet will be able to create a page in just a couple of minutes. Once the page is active, you will be able to raise money online by spreading the word via the included social networking integration tool. offers four different fundraising packages, and three of them will allow you to avoid paying a fee for each donation. In fact, for a small monthly fee, the Tippe family was able to save more than $1,700. When you consider the monumental impact that $1,900 can have on a medical issue, you will be able to easily understand why it makes the most sense to take advantage of a paid account. As an added bonus, 100 percent of the funds that you collect will be made available to you in real-time throughout the fundraising process. In other words, if you collect $500 in donations today, you will receive the money in your PayPal account instantly to help you take care of your current medical expenses.

To cover the expenses for medications, learn how to crowd fund on our donation website. The crowdfunding is very helpful when extra costs come across.

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