5 tips on how to drive contributors from offline

Even if you do not have the artistic ability to create the right type of design, you should be able to find someone to help you in your extended network of social media connections. You can also look for art students or graphic designers who are willing to donate their time to a worthy charity. Ultimately, this tip will help you in two ways: you will learn the lesson that you need to be willing to ask people for help, and you will also find yourself in a better position to attract enough supporters to hit your goal.


The good and bad ways to start fundraising

The psychology behind this is that people like to join a cause that already has some momentum because they feel like this makes it more valid. Therefore, you need to get one of your friends or family members to make the first donation in order to get the ball rolling. You should wait to publicly share your fundraiser until after you have tapped out the resources that are available from your closest friends and family. This will allow others to see that your campaign is active, and it will make them more likely to join in.


Crowfunding For Mats At DC Judo

To make their goal become a reality, they took our advice and posted a detailed description of exactly what they needed and how they were planning to use the money that people donated. Their campaign was a huge success raising over $17,000 and because they used DonationTo paid accounts they saved over $900 in fees!


5 Unique Fundraising Ideas

Many people erroneously believe that charity campaigns are only hosted online to assist with a dire situation such as a medical emergency. However, DonationTo can actually help you collect contributions via our website for a wide variety of different causes. For example, several people have utilized our platform to raise money online for artistic endeavors. With this in mind, we encourage anyone who is considering hosting a fundraiser to take advantage of the power of the DonationTo website.


Donations For Interactive Multimedia Project

Our platform gives users unlimited space to provide updates and information about their charity cause, and the Interactive Image Craft fundraising page definitely took advantage of this option. In fact, they posted regular updates to keep their supporters in the loop, and this is one of the first tips that we give to new fundraisers. After all, your contributors want to know how things are going, and posting updates will encourage people to keep making donations.


Fundraising For Bar Mitzvah Project

The intention of this fundraiser is to raise $1,000 that will be donated to the Jewish Family and Children Services of Greater Mercer County (JFCS) in order to assist Jewish people who are living in poverty with the goal of having access to enough kosher food to avoid going to bed hungry. The JFCS helps approximately 3,000 people per year, and receiving a substantial contribution will make it easier for them to expand their services in the future.

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