Donations For Interactive Multimedia Project

Our platform gives users unlimited space to provide updates and information about their charity cause, and the Interactive Image Craft fundraising page definitely took advantage of this option. In fact, they posted regular updates to keep their supporters in the loop, and this is one of the first tips that we give to new fundraisers. After all, your contributors want to know how things are going, and posting updates will encourage people to keep making donations.


Fundraising For Bar Mitzvah Project

The intention of this fundraiser is to raise $1,000 that will be donated to the Jewish Family and Children Services of Greater Mercer County (JFCS) in order to assist Jewish people who are living in poverty with the goal of having access to enough kosher food to avoid going to bed hungry. The JFCS helps approximately 3,000 people per year, and receiving a substantial contribution will make it easier for them to expand their services in the future.


Funeral Fundraising For Jim Jacobs Family

Unable to properly honor Jim's memory with a funeral service. A family friend launched a DonationTo page with the intention of collecting $10,000 to relieve the stress of trying to figure out how to move forward with Jim's burial. They raised over $14,000 and saved over $800 by using DonationTo paid accounts.


Donations For Natural Disaster – Philippines Typhoon In Haiyan

American Emmie Comer and her husband moved to the Philippines the summer before the typhoon caused widespread devastation through the area. Due to this, Emmie has firsthand knowledge of how horrific the storm actually was. She decided to reach out to a friend in the U.S. to launch a fundraiser via DonationTo in order to help her provide much-needed relief aid to people in her adopted town. This natural disaster crowdfunding campaign has already raised more than $3,100, and Emmie has used this money to help people begin rebuilding their homes.


Fundraising To Fight Melanoma Pamelas War on Cancer

Battling cancer is extremely expensive, and this is why many people decide to host an online fundraising campaign to relieve some of the financial burden. A prime example of this is the "Help Finance Pamela's War on Cancer" fundraiser. In order to raise money online for this worthy cause, her brother turned to DonationTo to create the page. DonationTo will enable them to keep 100% of all donations and avoid credit card fees. To date, supporters have donated almost $2,600, and this money will help Pamela pay for the necessary treatment for her stage IV melanoma.


Fundraising Blog Tips enables you to keep 100 percent of the money that you raise from your online fundraising campaign. Additionally, enabled anyone to avoid credit card fees because we understand how important it is for you to collect as much money as possible for your cause. Regardless of whether or not you are still in the process of learning how to fundraise, you can easily set up a page with no technical skill. One of the best ways to encourage people to donate online is by using a blog. To help you raise money online more effectively, we have compiled a list of four blogging tips.


Fundraising for Deaflympics

Kayla used DonationTo to help raise funds to travel to Deaflympics! By using DonationTo, this will allow her to keep 100% of all donations and avoid credit card fees! Learn more Kayls's story and the Deaflympics.

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