Crowdfunding with Google Plus & Images

Photos should be a major component of your race crowdfunding campaign, but it is important to make sure that you select images that are relevant to your cause. For example, if you will be participating in a charity run to support a local animal shelter, it will be best to post photographs of some of the shelter animals and your previous marathon experiences. Keep in mind that Google Plus allows you to include a brief message that explains each picture, and you can format that text to call attention to specific words and your fundraiser's URL. We recommend posting a new photo every day to capture attention and keep your supporters informed.


Fundraising for the ACLU

For example, the PAWS online fundraising campaign was posted by a woman who wanted to raise money for a half marathon that she is running to support a no-kill animal shelter in the Chicago area. By using the resources that DonationTo provided her, she was able to pass her goal of raising $1,000 a week early.


Crowdfunding For Medical Bills – Robbie Miotto

Robbie Miotto suffered from a devastating head trauma on February 22, 2014, and it left him in critical condition. The college student required extensive hospitalization and rehabilitation, and his family also need assistance with travel and lodging expenses so that they could be by his side during his recovery. Eleanor Poppe created a medical fundraising page to assist Robbie and his family with these expenses, and she set a goal of $10,000. To date, almost 100 people have made a donation, and more than $7,800 has been contributed to this worthy cause.


5 Unique Fundraising Ideas

Many people erroneously believe that charity campaigns are only hosted online to assist with a dire situation such as a medical emergency. However, DonationTo can actually help you collect contributions via our website for a wide variety of different causes. For example, several people have utilized our platform to raise money online for artistic endeavors. With this in mind, we encourage anyone who is considering hosting a fundraiser to take advantage of the power of the DonationTo website.


Fundraising Ideas For Summer

Our website is filled with tools, tips and crowdfunding lessons, and this helps set us apart from our competitors. After all, any site can give you the option to collect donations, but the only way to host a fully funded campaign is to learn how to properly design and maintain your fundraiser. We take pride in the fact that thousands of people worldwide have already met their goal by using the DonationTo website, and we will continue to add new blog posts that contain valuable tips and lessons to help ensure that all of our users are able to stay up to date with the latest fundraising techniques.


3 Mistakes To Avoid When Adding Photos To Your Fundraising Page

DonationTo is a fundraising website that is dedicated to assisting people worldwide with their donation goals. We provide a low fee platform, and each of our users is enabled to avoid paying for any extra credit card processing fees. Additionally, users have the ability to keep 100 percent of the money that they raise for their charity or personal project.

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