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No credit card required

DonationTo's fee is 4% from each donation. PayPal and WePay will always issue their credit card transaction fee. However, we enable donors to include the DonationTo 4% fee and associated credit card fee in their donation. This is how your cause can keep 100% of all donations. Credit card fees can vary. Amount donated and amount collected will not alway match one to one.

Fundraising Tips & Ideas

New to fundraising? Thats ok, check out all of our expert fundraising advice and tips at our blog: Every week we provide the best fundraising techniques and strategies to ensure you hit your fundraising goal fast!

The Book on Fundraising!

We wrote the book on fundraising and you get it for free! 15 Chapters of specific step-by-step non technical fundraising techniques and strategies to ensure you hit your fundraising goal!


All major credit cards are accepted. PayPal and WePay accounts not required to donate. Our integration with WePay and PayPal makes accepting donations fast and secure.

Collected Funds

Donations collected are direct deposited to your PayPal and WePay account real time- No waiting!

Super Secure

DonationTo uses (SSL) Security Socket Layer protection to keep personal information safe.

Global Awareness!

DonationTo works on all smart phones, iPads -- anywhere there is an Internet connection! This enables you to gain supporters around the word!

Keep Things Simple

No technical skill required. In just a few moments you can add images, videos and start collecting donations.

Short URL

All DonationTo pages are enabled with a short URL. Spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook or text message just made easier!

SEO Friendly

DonationTo is optimized for search. This will help when friends and family search for you on any popular search engine.

Use Your Own Domain Name

Looking for a more personalized URL? DonationTo allows you to use a domain name you already own or newly purchased. This way donors can find you directly at your own URL. For example: Donate here!

Transparency, Clarity and Verification

All DonationTo pages are verified through PayPal and WePay. This allows everyone to clearly understand who created the account and where the donations go.

Email toolS

Just 1 click and you can email everyone on your contact list. This is the perfect way to announce your fundraising page, keep supporters engaged and thank them, as the weeks progress.


Connect on Facebook and other social networks once your DonationTo page is created. Share your page with friends and family on any social network you use.


DonationTo links are Twitter friendly. This is a perfect way to update supporters.

Support Questions

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