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  • Lisa D
    2012-06-12 16:51:53

    Hailey is having a good week, she is feeling much better since her treatments and now is just awaiting the IV treatment in about 3 weeks. Thanks again for thinking of Hailey!

  • Lisa D
    2012-06-01 14:50:19

    Dropped Hailey off at the Vet this morning with her blankey and antler bone. She is receiving HW treatment #2 today and #3 Saturday. She is gaining good weight and is now 89lbs!

  • Lisa D
    2012-05-22 13:18:02

    YOU DID IT!! Within 6 weeks we have reached our goal. THANK YOU to each person who has donated, shared this link, or even shared Hailey's story. YOU have personally helped Hailey, (any funds that exceed her medical costs will help other Dogues within our rescue), thank you !

About This Cause

Timid and afraid, this petite sweet little angel has a long mental and physical recovery ahead of her.

Hailey is a Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff), only 2 or 3 years old but has lived a difficult and painful life for those few years. She was recently surrendered to an animal shelter in Massachusetts, where it was apparent she was locked up without socialization, was mistreated and used as a puppy making machine for years. We can only imagine how many litters this little mama has produced, but her body has been emaciated by neglect and motherhood. She is extremely malnourished, about 25 pounds under weight. After 10 days in the shelter, she was scheduled to be euthanized until the shelter called Dogue de Bordeaux Society of America Rescue (DDBSA Rescue) and we agreed to foster her after her spay procedure.

During Hailey's spay it was determined that this poor girl is also heartworm positive. This is devastating news. The prognosis without treatment is sure death but the cost and procedure to treat is extraordinarily expensive and slow. (see description below) The treatment takes about 9 months of restricted exercise and overnight stays every month in the hospital for drug administration and observation, DDBSA Rescue refused to turn Hailey away.

Due to the neglect, Hailey is an extremely timid dog. Unfamiliar with human affection or a nurturing environment, she retreats to her crate where she feels safe. Now Hailey is in a foster home where she will be on extreme restricted exercise for 9 months while undergoing heartworm treatment. She looks forward to having her own bed for the first time in her life, getting fed high quality meals 3 times a day and having her own set of toys! Hailey will learn to be housetrained, taught proper dog manners, and learn to have fun just being a dog!

Dogue de Bordeaux's are known for their vigilance and courage, but without aggressiveness. The Dogue is an excellent companion – affectionate and attached to its family – with a patient, calm temperament.

Heartworm disease is a serious disease that results in severe lung disease, heart failure, other organ damage, and death. It is caused by a parasitic worm called Dirofilaria immitis. The worms are spread through the bite of a mosquito. The dog is the definitive host, meaning that the worms mature into adults, mate, and produce offspring while living inside a dog. The mosquito is the intermediate host, meaning that the worms live inside a mosquito for a short transition period in order to become infective. The worms are called “heartworms” because the adults live in the heart, lungs, and associated blood vessels of an infected animal.

There is a lot of expensive care that is required of a special needs dog. While I can provide a loving environment to nuture Hailey, DDBSA Rescue is asking for your financial support. We run strictly off donations and adoption fees. Any amount you can donate would be forever appreciated. And please, share the link to this site!

Hailey will update you weekly on her progress and how she is feeling going through her treatment. The funds raised will be used strickly for Hailey's care, and if we exceed our goal then we can help some of our other rescue Dogues in need!

Please help Hailey continue her fight against heartworm infection. Donations are accepted in the form of credit card, check, or cash (given directly to Lisa, please don't mail cash).

If you would like to foster a Dogue or even adopt, please visit our website http://ddbsarescue.org/

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Lisa D

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I currently have a 5 year old Bullmastiff in foster care along with Hailey. As I am sure you all know this is a passion of mine and I want to personally thank each of you for your help. Please share this page with friends, relatives, and fellow animal lovers. We need your help :)
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    K Carroll
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    jena mutlak
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    Paige Kinghorn
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