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On October 3rd, 2013, my father Doug West Sr., was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was discovered in the later stages, and had already metastastized to his liver and brain. The tumor was located on his left ventricle and because of its location, was spreading very aggressively. He was walking, albeit not very well, at the beginning of October. By the end of the month he was bedridden and was too weak to lift so much as a glass of water. That's just how fast and aggressive the cancer was spreading. The family is very worried, and was unprepared to lose a family member so suddenly. He passed away at home on the morning of November 1st, 2013. He spent his last days being cared for by my mother Joyce West, and hospice. My mother has been a nurse for over thirty years, so he was in excellent hands. However, my dad did not have life insurance and my mom has been on mostly unpaid FMLA in order to care for him; because her medical and now funerary expenses are piling up, I decided to create this fundraiser on her behalf. I'm kindly reaching out to my friends and family to help with a small share of the burden that my mother and family are going through at this troubling time.

I'm setting this fundraiser up for my mom to help offset the medical and funerary expenses related to my dad's illness and passing. I am unsure of the exact total of the bills, I just know it's more than she can handle at this point. Therefore, I'm asking for a small amount of assistance for her--whatever you can give will help.

I'm also considering doing something cool like giving a percentage of the total amount raised (of my personal income) to a cancer awareness and/or cause. Or hosting an event, and charging an admission, which will then go to the same cause. So, by sharing today you also get the satisfaction of knowing that something is going to be done on my behalf to help fight this terrible disease.

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Doug West

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I'm creating this fundraising page to help my mother. My father had terminal cancer, and his health declined very rapidly, while my mother's medical bills and funerary expenses are rising very quickly. I'm asking for help on her behalf.
  • $ 50
    Garrett and Lori Hajes
    1 year ago

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  • $ 50
    Micheal Dodds
    1 year ago

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  • $ 31
    Peggy Richardson
    1 year ago

    Doug - Sorry for the sudden loss of your father. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. Try to remember all the happier times spent with your father and allow the memories to bring you comfort and joy today and all

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