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  • Friends of Natalie Grace
    2012-12-11 19:57:42

    Bella the pup visits Natalie in her room...she LOVED it! The volunteers and child life specialists are so awesome here! watch this! --andrea 12/11/12

  • Friends of Natalie Grace
    2012-12-11 19:55:45

    Our ten days "off" are over. Today was our first day back in the hospital...hopefully if all goes well we'll be heading home Thursday night! On a great note, last week was was truly the first time since all of this began where Natalie was acting completely a regular hyper 3 year old. No pain, no side effects....just pre-cancer Natalie, so we're hoping we get to see a whole lot more of that!! --andrea 12/10/12

  • Friends of Natalie Grace
    2012-11-29 15:12:26

    My first day off from the hospital...not easy for me, but I'm thinking Dan is capable of being there with Natalie ; ). Starting the day out to breakfast with my fabulous, wonderful, amazing, beautiful mama Linda Federico Verdone! --andrea 11/28/12

About This Cause

On August 16th, Andrea + Dan received the shattering news that their 3 year-old daughter, Natalie Grace Gorsegner had been diagnosed with Leukemia. Natalie's treatments will take approximately two years to complete, however for the next approximately seven months she will need full-time at home care due to the intensity of her chemo therapy (and the many visits to the clinic + hospital).  That said, Andrea has temporarily left her position as Photo Editor of Women's Health magazine to care for her daughter.  In addition to their immediate and primary concern for Natalie's health and treatment, they now have the financial burden of living off of one income, which we all know can be extremely challenging in this day.    

Natalie's parents are a rare kind of extraordinarily good people. From buying strangers cups of coffee, to driving down to New Orleans with a box truck full of needed supplies, this couple is always the first to respond when there's a friend, neighbor, or stranger in need.  Andrea has even founded a website (with one of her good friends) called Empower a Woman, where their mission is to teach young girls all over the world about the importance of education, respect, and giving back. 

Please help us by contributing any amount that you can to contribute to the family's needs. If the situation were reversed, Andrea + Dan would do everything they could to help any one of us. We can’t let them go through this alone. Thank you!

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Friends of Natalie Grace

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this site was created by all of natalie's friends to raise money for her treatment and keep everyone updated on her recovery!
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    1 year ago

    Good luck and God bless you.

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    Janice Geiler
    1 year ago

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