Millions raised by millions of visitors
  • Friends of Bob Newman Memorial Fundraising Raised $61,000
    “Over the past days we’ve looked into many fundraising services, aiming for one that is transparent, that would make every dollar contributed count, that would accept multiple forms of payment, and that would make funds available as close to instantly as possible. We’ve settled on this site, DonationTo.” - Friends of Bob Newman
  • Tony's Friends and Family Memorial Fundraising Raised $84,100
    Tony’s friends and family were able to raise over $84,000 using DonationTo. “Funds were raised for his daughters as a token of appreciation for Tony’s mentorship, teamwork, leadership, friendship and positive impact on lives for many years.”

  • Lauren McDonald Memorial Fundraising Raised $26,694
    $26,694 was raised for Baby Melody Funeral Fund to help alleviate some of the financial burden from funeral.
  • The Support Valorie "Board" Medical Fundraising Raised $38,245
    Valorie's friends get together and help raise funds to support her fight Stage Five Kidney Failure.
  • Jennifer Watson Medical Fundraising Raised $15,089
    Friends and family come together to help raise money for Effy and her treatment fighting leukemia.
  • Giavanni Washington Medical Fundraising Raised $10,000
    “In less than two weeks we raised over $10,000 for my brother who is awaiting a second heart transplant. Powered by DonationTo.com, our medical fundraising site has allowed me to raise awareness of Chad's plight, connect with family and friends who may not have known about the latest developments, and reach out to ask for the financial support that his wife and son, who live 6 hours away, will use to increase the frequency of their visits. My brother is astounded by the outpouring of love, well wishes and financial contributions. During this unreasonably trying time, Jason and the support team at DonationTo.com have become a part of our generous and compassionate community. Thank you DonationTo for helping me procure this incredible support for Chad.” - Giavanni and family
  • The Tippe Family Medical Fundraising Raised $48,790
    “DonationTo has been central to our healing process. We cannot thank the people of DonationTo enough for uniting all of Ron's friends and family together to support him. It is lifesaving” - Molly Maginnis and family
  • Brant Menswar Medical Fundraising Raised $11,734
    Donation To has proved to be a powerful and convenient way to raise money and accept donations for the treatment of our son, Theo. The money we have raised has allowed us to stay in the hospital with him over the last 170 days and provide the loving care he needs. Thank you for making such a difficult situation a little easier.”- Brant Menswar and family
  • McShea Family Medical Fundraising Raised $10,670
    “We had a beloved board member of our Little League baseball organization who suffered a brain aneurysm. As you can imagine, medical bill started to pile up, along with requests for support (meals, transportation, etc), while the family spent a good deal of time in the hospital. As a board we "passed around the hat" a few times, to scrape up a couple hundred dollars to assist the family. We discussed as a board that this process was not very productive, and only scratched the surface of need. I went on searching for sites that could help expedite our request for funds and found "Donation To". It was easy to set up, and a reasonable cost. We set a lofty goal to raise $10,000 in less than 2 months. We has a large e-mail distribution chain for the entire Little League, so with one crafted e-mail, we sent the link to the web-page, and in a matter of days we had a couple thousand dollars pledged. Before the 2 month window we exceeded our $10,000 goal! How spectacular it felt when the family came to our monthly board meeting and we were able to hand them over $10,000 to help in their financial hardship. - McShea family
  • Minamisoma Project Charity Fundraising Raised $16,289
    The save Minamisoma project will be used to purchase food and water for those harmed by the Japanese tsunami. Over $16,000 has been raised.
  • Jim & Susan Fund Memorial Fundraising Raised $20,471
    Jim & Susan Fund were able to raise over $20,000 to support their family.

  • Kevin Logan Medical Fundraising Raised $28,151
    Kevin raised over $27,000 for Connor Logan healing, rehabilitation from a car accident.

  • Clint Pohler Medical Fundraising Raised $10,756
    Pohler family raise $10,000 to help treat their son who has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
  • Frazier Family Memorial Fundraising Raised $13,325
    The Frazier Family raised over $13,000 to support the Garrett Bradley Frazier Memorial Fund.
  • Jake and Family Medical Fundraising Raised $15,479
    Jake and family raised over $15,000 for the treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).
  • Neil Hilton Medical Fundraising Raised $6,582
    Over $6,000 was raised to help baby Olivia.
  • Friends of The PT Srinivasan Family Memorial Fundraising Raised $5,680
    Friends of The PT Srinivasan Family helped raise over $5,000 for the PT Srinivasan Memorial fund.
  • Brown-Rogers Family Memorial Fundraising Raised $18,351
    $18,000 was raised for the Dajanique Brown-Rogers Memorial Fund.

  • Friends of Willa Community Fundraising Raised $12,053
    Over $12,000 was raised to save Willa's house.
  • Friends of Ira Memorial Fundraising Raised $7,436
    $7,000 was raised to purchase a bench in tribute of Ira Waks.
  • Lisa Donne Memorial Fundraising Raised $3,100
    $3,100 raised for for Hailey at beautiful French Mastiff.
  • Gomez Family Memorial Fundraising Raised $5,670
    Funeral expenses for Nicole Angela Gomez - Over $5,600 was raised.
  • Russell Family Memorial Fundraising Raised $4,730
    Cost to cover funeral expense for Gary Russell $4,700 was raised using DonationTo.
  • Sanders Family Medical Fundraising Raised $7,372
    Sanders family raised over $7,000 to support their family in a time of need.