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Comments of Help Stacy & Simon Get Hitched!
  • Dave Axler Donated $103
    5 years

    I look forward to the festivities!

  • Lisa and Steve Ross and Britton Donated $103
    5 years

    Dear Stacy and Simon, We are so sorry we can't be there to celebrate with you on your wedding day! We wish you a very happy and memorable day which will be marked as the official start of your life together! Cheers to many years of happiness and

  • Anonymous Donated $103
    5 years

    I couldn't be happier for "youse" two! Always remember to cherish each other & treat each other with respect. May your love Rock your World Always & the rest of us along with you! <3

  • Paul Laginess Donated $26
    6 years

    Looks like you two are in pretty good shape, Simon. Congrats. Pitching in late but I can assume it beats never, yes? Lotsaluck! - Paul

  • Ian Hall Donated $10
    6 years

    Sorry it's not much, but I'm sure Simon can buy a new plectrum and some exploding clown shoelaces with it.

  • Lee Barrentine Donated $103
    6 years

    Couldn't think of a better thing to do on Valentines day!

  • Leslie, Andrew and Caden Sanders Donated $257
    6 years

    Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness!

  • Andy Langridge Donated $10
    6 years

    Good luck to the pair of you, may your madness never fade. x

  • Anonymous Donated $514
    6 years

    I wish we could pay for the whole shebang, hope this helps a little, we wish you health, wealth and happiness when you eventually tie the knot - "the best things in life are worth waiting for" Lots of love, Mum and John xx

  • Rick Easton Donated $26
    6 years

    Because you're worth it...? Indeed!


Stacy & Simon Godfrey

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Stacy and Simon met in 2011 at a music festival called RoSfest when they became friends over conversations about a little known rock group called Genesis. Since then they have had many more conversations about Genesis and have grown to love each other more than ice cream. They can't wait to get married and eat more ice cream on the same continent.
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