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Comments of Take us to Globals! - "The Life of D.I. Team"
  • Anonymous Donated $50
    6 years

    Good luck and looks pretty exciting

  • Anonymous Donated $10
    6 years

    Good luck Zoe! We love you! Grace, Dave, and Alta

  • Melissa Walker Donated $51
    6 years

    You girls rock!!

  • Nicole Miles Donated $103
    6 years

    Best of luck to Zoe and the entire Life of D.I. Team. You're Awesome!

  • Brant and Amy Mitchell Donated $103
    6 years

    No Comment

  • Alma Kort Donated $60
    6 years

    Way to go, girls!

  • Olivia West Donated $51
    6 years

    On behalf of Jaya Cluff and her team. Great job. Aunt Toodie

  • Joel Enriquez Donated $200
    6 years

    Kylie, I am so proud of you and your D.I. team mates (Zoe, Molly, Sierra, Jaya & Claudia). Congratulations! Your California family sends their love and support. See you at Global Finals.

  • Amy Barnes Donated $25
    6 years

    Good luck girls!

  • Carrie Wingert Donated $20
    6 years

    good luck girls!!


Christina Scott And Craig Miles

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Christina Scott and Craig Miles co-coached this great D.I. team and have hosted weekly D.I practices for this team for the last 8 months.
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