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Comments of Naada's Vision
  • Rissie Casagranda Donated $5000
    5 years

    For the love of it!

  • Alexis Ware Donated $20
    5 years

    Love you Naada! <3

  • Jamie Simon Donated $154
    5 years

    No Comment

  • Erica Favela Donated $47
    5 years

    What a beauty you are!

  • Melissa GLuck Donated $137
    5 years

    wishing you love and healing. with gratitude for you.

  • Anonymous Donated $51
    5 years

    SPeedy Recovery adn good luck NAADA !!!

  • Kristina Pihokker Donated $43
    5 years

    Showering you with an abundance of love, peace and strength. May your internal light guide you on your upcoming steps.

  • Tenaya Cleveland Donated $25
    5 years

    You are so incredibly inspiring - as I've always known you to be. Sending love and so happy that you're getting the care you need! XOXO

  • Sakiko Lavigne Donated $100
    5 years

    Naada! Thinking of you! sending more yummy box soon!

  • Anonymous Donated $1500
    5 years

    No Comment


Naada Guerra

Contact me
My name is Lauren Guerra. Most of my friends know me as NAADA, which is a Sanskrit name given to me 11 years ago by my spiritual teachers. It means sound.

I was born and raised in NYC and now live in LA. I have dedicated the majority of my life to understanding human excellence. I've had a successful coaching and healing practice for the past 10 years.

My highest passion is to contribute to humanity's evolution and to assist people in living their fullest potential.

The challenges I have been asked to overcome continue to make me a stronger more compassionate person. Everything I am learning from this experience allows me to serve others more completely. Thank you for your support.
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