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Nicholas Moragues

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My name is Nicholas Moragues.
I'm a father, a husband and I'm a deacon at my church.
I also have cystic fibrosis which is a genetic chronic illness of the lungs. While this is often a disease that can prevent patients from being active even from childhood I have had the opportunity to follow my dreams of education, family, faith and work. I've been able to work for my church in religious education for years and have grown a family all of which isn't always possible for CF patients. I am blessed!
  • $ 50
    Diana Ortiz
    1 day ago

    Nicholas and Brenda, We are hoping a monthly do...

  • $ 100
    John R. Hynek
    3 days ago

    So sorry to hear that it's catching up with you, b...

  • $ 50
    Diana Ortiz
    1 month ago

    Nicholas and Brenda, We are hoping a monthly do...

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