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Photos of ONEcorinthians thirteen six n seven love never dis

Krissy Parfait

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Jan4,2017 taking donations s here now

Greedy pig sluts tricking men to give them children ....saying I cannot have children.....to never trust me bcs I reject sex.... these whores in my family had many chances to fuck and marry and have kids with their past boyfriend's...and girlfriends..but they attacked my friends just bcs my friends trusted me and we're ready to marry me ....

John2:25 Jesus need not testimony for he knows wats in each man

Murderers thieves rapists begg church members to confess sins and to ask Jesus in their hearts.....

I say I don't need testimony of heaven nor man for I know all about where I'm going and where I been and not interested in your life nor getting to know u......I don't need u nor your gifts donations

Give me back wat u stole from me bitch son of a bitch whore trash slut

I spit on all of your children and ancestors

Please I have no more bank account it's closed to to 10 months no activity....I only have a NetSpend card that I can add onto it online a Western Union code after u send money to me
Krissy lynn parfait
102 parfait lane
Theriot, Louisiana 70397
I have 15,000 debt mom placed me in against my trying to apply for a college scholarship with my graduation gpa of 3.8

Mom.n dad never had higher schooling than 3rd grade in the 1940s

None of my siblings chose to marry nor work according to applying their diploma packet info

They chose low pay jobs and are bullying me to do the same

All my life

Noone in my family nor locals ever seen any potential in themself nor ever chose a better life...they all chose to bully each other to live in slummy nonhealthy abandoned homes.....fully paid but for prostitution Inga.....not to gain privacy.....for gaining their sanity.....plus marraige is seen as a joke in all American....noone wants children noone wants marraige that isn't violent and abusive or neglectful

Everyone hates cake n never eats cake.
There for noone bakes cake

John2:25 Jesus need not testimony for he knows all that is in each man

Mark1: John said I come bapting by water to reveal the son of God to isreal

Mark1:. John was preaching of a baptism to come that takes away the sins of the world

But psychopaths bgan attacking John with their confessions of all their sins......causing Pharisees to arrive to stop this insanity .....

Soo there's no chance America will ever have their cake n eat it

Zeron n Krissy june8,2015 are wat USA national best friends day is based on .....were still discussing why obama used us .....astrology has lists of partners ....not just one in the universe ....I was in zerons room....on paltalk....just normal chat like everyone else.....I asked him his birthday....n I quickly told him were best friends zeron.....he never responded....n I left until 2016jan...then left til 2017 Feb...then left til may2017





God=be programmed=cute=affectionate

Christian=be programmed=cute=affectionate

Christian=teach cuteness

Cuteness does not approach strangers
Cuteness does not laugh nor giggle
Cuteness does not try wat others like
Cuteness does not talk to chatrooms phones important ppl
Cuteness never eats in others witnessing

i prayed....friends in the wall help me my mom knows my legs r too short n i cant jump down...bcs jumping down wont fix my short legs....nor teach me to do on my own....so my options are always know....noone loves me....im just a piece of shit to be programmed and left alone forever.....so others can cook n clean n push me away.....far far away....i said to myself....i will never love never care never obey ......i now know at age 3 im nit allowed to be myself.....im only allowed to be told when im allowed to eat pee poop dress sleep

I am 37 yrs old have disability of sciatica back hip possibly broken ......exray was not examined ......I'm not allowed to try to get help BCS I have medical insurance Medicaid....but my family doesn't have insurance of any sort.....I'm restricted from getting help unless it's to help them.....they're holding this biblical Mexican Jewish blackmail over my head that they will never allow me to have what they never worked for......that I am obligated to give them everything just bcs their related to me......1timothy5:7 who does not provide for their family are worst than infedels

Bible strictly states also if family cannot provide help they are unfit to be my family

I've proved I'm not unfit to be their family

But they've proved to be unfit to be my family

I am proving I do my outter unproviding.....I cannot birth a cow for hamburgers not grow corn out my face nor print money without a squid.....nor build honea without dirt......nor sew clothing without dirt or worms

I proved that 1timothy5:7 is a lie
Noone has powers to provide
Noone is worst than an infedel according to me

Everyone are infedels nomatter bring home wat they stole from an animal or dirt

I never leave home all my life
Never been in any stores nor rezturaunts
I used the sumo wresters idea on Street fighter to imagine myself in another place instead of in stores with sluts n hooligans n trash prostitute men n women n kids in Walmart Kmart dollar stores rouses food market malls

Nothing but rapist stalker dykes on crack laughing g at everything they're trying to harrass n momest n rape

Not my fault they fuck their brother n cousins and ashamed to marry the fraud

Don't touch me just bcs you're ashamed of your first love bitch

U proved that you use ppl close to u

I was in Walmart Houma Louisiana with my sister in the breakfast freezer isle n this black thug n his thug wife showed up behind us

The thug hubby told his thug wife
U know they're not going to help us

I told my sister let's get out of this isle
These things are scamming us for money that they have a phone n can raise their own money just like I am trying

We don't need to help them

They're not cripple plus they're inside a store beggi g for attention fame sex with each other that their job n parents is against n doesn't supply them(help according to their definition is to kill ppl who look happier than them....I couldn't buy anything but 3 85¢orange sodas and 1chocolate75¢ and 1-1$sunny d....just to not waste my time n my sister's gas ....

That's store toss
Bfr 9pm

Eastside Walmart had 4 k9 units there tonight...never had that bfr...in all my life going to Walmart.....

I'm not a biblical nut job....I know my hubby is to get everything I have.....not one thing belonging to me is to b placed in no others ownership

I'm telling u
Black ppl claim their Jewish but never mind their own business

John4 40daysnites
Jesus begs for his temptation
The spirit purposely pre-planned with Jesus to take Jesus to b tempted only Satan has wat weakens the only begotten son of god
His dream his heart his love his life his morning Star his smile his soul his kisses his hugs his slow dances

Lovers forever in his sleep...only time Jesus slept...with Satan staring at him asleep wondering how can this be

His supernatural superaffection supermanhoid supermanmind
God is as deadmindofmannwoman killed the mind of man n woman by eating from the tree of knowledge of good n evil no

Turn out the lites
Close ur eyes
Turn off the silence
The heart ache of ur life
Dance forever under the lites.this brutal love.oh how u want it
Ur begging for it
But u can't have it
Even if u try
It's in the clutches
It's in the hands of.this brutal love
Old toys
This plastic hearts
Lovers tearing me apart
This brutal love
The in invited
Ya I'm not stopping to catch the lyrics

Paused....something for my trouble
Alksar min Joe

Pennies n sodas
Martyrs n chain
Kiss me your moaning
Kyss hall min alksar

How long is this brutal love


Drop dead idiots
Drop down drop dead idiots
I just figured out your chorus is digitally recorded n u added the between

I'm going play it a third time fully through ...idk...ur voice is just Soo irritating not to me but u sound irritated ......sharp n agitated sounding....u r in pain....no matter in parts of ur lyrics u sound warmed n soothed....I'll listen again for those areas see wat word n thoughts r helping u

Ok Soo...ur at ease in turning out the lights n silence n heart ache of ur life....

But dance beneath the lites you're taking a deep breath ..meaning it's upsetting u that lyric part n thought

It's upsetting me too...I'm taking a deep breath...trying to realign my strategies....I never dance unless slow dancing with one I almost completed the engagement....in a Mexican church in Texas ....living water Baptist...while traveling...2009...below temple Texas.....still pausing. ..regathering my inner strength

I'm just going to take a nap n come back to 0:34...leave my phone on...n charging

Bfr I drift off asleep
I have to tell u wat I told paltalk religious politic room witches last nite

It's not violent to kill
They were saying good is man of war

I said it's not violent to kill...the screaming is BCS of being stopped from.reaching our goals n dreams n completing our work especially if stopped in the middle of working configuring fixing figuring answering focusing aligning

And that begging is violent

Woke up all cuddly all over saying I love u I love u I live u Soo much........thinking of I first said that to uday....I don't know any guy I chatted.....I mean I begged to chat only hartbrocken .. ..I paid n paid again more n more ....idk this zeron guy....I never begged to pm him...I'm hungry for the taste of a Whopper...I ate two bowls of vegetables beef homemade soup n bread....see we don't eat like the west southern USA here in East southern usa

0:35.....I don't want to do more of listening...since the next part is u singing...you're begging for it....I found money in my purse I keep mom's will in....6 dollar bills...n a 5$walmart gift card n 15$ Walmart gift card...mom got at Amelia Belle casino February 2017

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