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Comments of Secret Santa Campaign
  • Chirsty Williams Donated $10
    3 years

    I'm pleased to donate for this great cause!!! Good luck to you guys.

  • Pam Herman Bush Donated $20
    4 years

    Thanks for the opportunity to help my grammar school alma mater!! Love, Aunt Pam

  • Mike Herman Donated $10
    4 years

    Great cause, good luck!!


Josh Herman

Contact me
Hi there, I'm 23 years old and I'm a DJ from West Covina CA. I'm here conducting my first ever charity campaign called Secret Santa Campaign. My goal is to provide underprivileged grade school kids with new uniforms around Christmas time. I hope to have a large following for this, because it is near and dear to my heart. Please take a look, and if it's possible please donate at least a dollar. The more the merrier, but anything is greatly appreciated. 100 percent of all donations go to the kids. Paypal verified donations as well as a donations area at all of my DJ events run by Houze Productions. If anybody is intrested in our events visit www.instagram.com/houzeproductions

Thank you guys and to the SECRET SANTA CAMPAIGN!
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    13 days ago
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    Sparks Team, you are the best!

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