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Comments of TokyoBrits - Save Minamisoma Project
  • Miyuki McKay Donated $50
    6 years

    Great Work, Tokyo Brits!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Andy Finch Donated $103
    6 years

    Well done on a great effort for a great cause!

  • Anonymous Donated $100
    6 years

    Brilliant effort lads - well done!

  • Nick Morrison Donated $51
    6 years

    Well done for getting so far,a large amount of money raised for a great cause.

  • Inge Veelenturf Donated $51
    6 years

    The snow cycling looked like a piece of cake :-) Amazing job John!!!!

  • King Klark Donated $51
    6 years

    Rob is half the man he used to be and thats cause for a worthy donation

  • Anonymous Donated $40
    6 years

    (This is from my colleagues in Ueno office.)

  • Anonymous Donated $103
    6 years

    No Comment

  • Takashi Narita Donated $20
    6 years

    No Comment

  • Aya Yamamoto Donated $20
    6 years




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Due to a freak snowstorm we were unable to finish the ride! We will be heading back up on 1st June to do the 3rd and final day, so will keep this donation site open!

****Some people have had problems when making donations via Paypal. If you experience problems, please contact us directly. Thanks!****

Unfortunately we can't automatically email you when you have made a donation, so "THANK YOU!" in advance!

Please note that all $'s mentioned on this site are USD$.
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    3 days ago
    $ 20

    Sending healing and strength!

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