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Comments of Vergil Holland Memorial Fund
  • Cherilyn Rockaway Donated $50
    4 years

    My daughter, Libby, just found out about Virgil's death. He was so kind to her, offering to teach her and her border collie despite his AKC designation. Virgil made an impression on Libby that will last a lifetime. And the world is a sadder place without him. He will be in our prayers.

  • David and Suzanne Green Donated $50
    4 years

    Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  • David and Mindy Cox Donated $250
    4 years

    Maureen has passed on so much of what she shared with Vergil I feel like I knew him~ Take care Annemarie and if you are ever in Florida you have a place to stay!

  • Kimberly Henneman, DVM Donated $100
    4 years

    Dear Annemarie: I will so miss sharing Iditarod sled dog tails with Vergil while working on his dogs. I always got a chuckle how one of the sheep dog world's finest competitors was one of the sled dog world's biggest fans. I will miss him dearly (but still expect to see you pop in if you are ever in Utah)! Hugs and tears...Kim

  • Patrick Shannahan Donated $50
    4 years

    No Comment

  • Maureen Robinson Donated $250
    4 years

    No Comment

  • Lee Robinson Donated $250
    4 years

    No Comment

  • Stephanie Berenbaum Donated $50
    4 years

    I am a friend of Kareen Laton's - I am so sorry for your loss. XO

  • Kathy Kawalec Donated $50
    4 years

    No Comment

  • Additional donations via email Donated $900
    4 years



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