32 Fundraising Mistakes Video Part 1

Fundraising isn’t always easy. Thats why DonationTo.com has created a completed list of fundraising mistakes you will want to avoid. Enjoy our video or read below part 1 that includes 11 fundraising mistakes you will want to avoid. Avoid these mistakes and you will be on your way to reaching your fundraising goal!

32 Common Mistakes for Raising Money Online


1. Lack of Storytelling - The only way to truly capture the attention of your audience is by telling the full story of your campaign. For example, if you are running in a marathon, you need to disclose where the marathon will be held. Additionally, medical fundraisers should always provide details about the type of illness and specific expenses that need to be taken care of. This will make people feel more confident about contributing, and it will also provide the necessary clarity to help you avoid dealing with a lot of questions. In fact, telling the story of your campaign is so important that failing to do so will invariably lead to a much smaller quantity of donations.

2. Failing to Check Your Email - It is vital to stay on top of your emails throughout the entire fundraiser. Therefore, one of the major fundraising mistakes is linking the wrong email address to the campaign. DonationTo will use the email address that you provide to enable you to confirm your account and immediately accept each contribution. You will also be able to communicate with your current and potential donors via the same address. In other words, you should never use a secondary email for fundraising purposes, especially if your campaign is extremely time sensitive.

3. Forgetting to Upload Quality Images - The written story of your fundraiser is essential, but it must be accompanied by quality images that will help people feel connected to your cause. For example, if you are raising money for someone’s medical bills, you can avoid one of the major donation mistakes by posting photos throughout the entire process. Make sure that you select at least a few pictures that include family members and friends because this will help make everyone feel connected to the cause. After all, it is much harder for someone not to donate when they see the person who needs help. DonationTo makes it easy to post relevant photographs with our unlimited images upload feature.

4. You Did Not Assemble a Fundraising Team - Although the process of fundraising is not actually hard, it is very time-consuming. Therefore, you need to gather a small team of helpers in order to ensure that everything gets taken care of properly. We recommend recruiting some of your close friends or family members who would be willing to help you by performing minor tasks. A crowdfunding team can also provide you with a much-needed morale boost and give you an alternative perspective. Using this to your advantage will make it easier to hit your online donation goal.

5. You Failed to Give Each Team Member Specific Tasks - The phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” can definitely apply to crowdfunding if no one is working on a specific task. Instead of allowing each person to pull the campaign in different directions, you should split up every portion of the campaign based on the strengths of each team member. For example, if you sister is good at writing, she should handle the creation of your campaign’s story. On the other hand, someone who is really skilled with Photoshop would be put in charge of working with images. Following this approach will definitely give you the best results.

6. You Erroneously Believed That Donations Would Happen Naturally - It is easy to get lured into the trap of believing that simply creating a donation page will lead to online contributions. However, this process requires a lot more work than simply launching a page, especially if you have a high goal. The only way to make your campaign a success is to continuously reach out to people via email and social media. You will also need to pay close attention to your donation webpage in order to post updates and answer any questions that potential donors have.

7. You Did Not Make Time for a Video - Photographs are a fantastic way to capture attention, but a video will make an even bigger impact on your audience. Studies indicate that taking the time to create and post even a simple video will dramatically increase user engagement and donations. As an added bonus, you do not need to have any special skills or equipment to make this happen. Instead, you can simply use your smartphone to record a video that highlights your campaign. Make sure that you use good lighting and minimize background noise so that viewers will get the most out of your video.

8. You Did Not Organize a Big Announcement Push - The viral nature of the Internet makes it necessary to get as many people involved in your announcement as possible. Therefore, instead of sending out one round of emails and putting a single post on social media sites such as Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, you need to get your entire team involved. Everyone should post the same thing at the same time, and it will also be extremely beneficial to get all of your close friends and family members to do the same thing.

9. You Forgot to Test Your Fundraising Page’s URL - One of the biggest donation website mistakes that you can make is forgetting to test your page before you announce it to everyone. Although it is rare, it is possible for your URL to stop working properly between the time you sign up for it and when you are finally ready to announce it. You can avoid dealing with major issues by double checking the URL right before you begin announcing your campaign. You should also review your crowdfunding page to ensure that everything looks correct before moving forward.

10. You Launched the Page Without Any Donations - There is a lot of psychology involved in fundraising, and you need to use this to your advantage to maximize online donations. Many people feel uncomfortable about the idea of being the first person to make a contribution, so you should never announce your campaign until your page already shows activity from a few donors. This can be achieved by asking some of your closest family members and friends to make their donation before anyone else has access to the URL.

11. You Did Not Enable Both Payment Options - DonationTo gives you the opportunity to collect donations via PayPal and WePay. Although you could choose to work with only one of these payment processors, you would also end up with a smaller amount of contributions. Therefore, you should recognize the fact that each potential donor will have different preferences and give them two choices. Make sure that you set up your WePay and PayPal accounts in advance so that you will be prepared to begin collecting donations.

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