4 Fundraising Tips – Funeral Fundraising Part 2

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Attending the funeral of a loved one is one of the most emotional experiences that a person will ever face. Those who are tasked with preparing for the funeral, however, generally have a much more difficult time with the entire process. In addition to dealing with their feelings of grief, they often have to make a lot of tough choices for the funeral, especially if money is tight. Funerals are really expensive, and unless the deceased made arrangements in advance, the costs associated with the funeral will add a lot of stress onto a situation that is already emotionally charged.

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Bring loved ones together during your funeral fundraiser 

The best way to mitigate some of the cost and stress of a funeral is to host an online fundraising campaign. Regardless of whether or not you know how to fundraise, the easy to use DonationTo.com format will make it quick and easy to get started. Everyone understands that funerals are expensive, so most of the people who knew the deceased will be happy to either donate online or spread the word about your efforts to raise money online. In addition to encouraging people to donate online, your online fundraising page can also act as a memorial. Family and friends can share pictures and stories of the deceased, and this will make the grieving process easier for them to deal with.

Communication is key during your fundraiser 

Although most of the people in your life will feel compelled to donate, you need to make sure that they understand exactly what the funeral expenses are and how you are planning to use their donations. If you want to raise money online for any cause, then it is vital to be transparent with your intentions. Even though a funeral is a highly emotional event, it is still important to provide all of the facts.

Share the event with all social networks 

By sharing your fundraising ideas on multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn, you will receive a larger quantity of donations. You can also ask those who are unable to donate to spread the word by sharing the link to your online fundraiser on their social networking pages. Keep in mind that more traditional methods, including email and direct mail, are still very relevant and will also help you capture donations.

Continue to communicate after the fundraiser

One of the main points that people who are learning how to fundraise often miss is the importance of follow-up. If you want people to feel good about their donations, and to also potentially support any future fundraising ideas that you may have, then you need to stay in touch once the funeral is over. Utilize the fundraising page and all applicable social media platforms to thank everyone for their support. You should also disclose exactly how much you raised and how you used the money. If you fell short of your goal, you can encourage people to continue donating. Perhaps you could even consider holding a new fundraiser in a few months to do something special in the deceased’s honor, such as a memorial plaque or a large group donation to their favorite charity.

Funerals are always difficult, and the costs associated with them can make them extremely stressful. By hosting an online fundraiser, all of the deceased individual’s family members and friends can make a monetary donation and share stories and photos with each other. Make sure to disclose exactly what you will be using everyone’s donations for, and spread the word via social media. Take the time to follow-up with everyone after the funeral to thank them and let them know the results of the fundraiser.

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