Fundraising – 4 Image Quality Tips for Better Awareness

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Most people on the Internet prefer to receive information via images rather than text, so it is vital to use photos as part of your online fundraising campaign. If you do not properly format them, however, you run the risk of losing potential donors. The following tips are easy to follow, and they should be introduced to both those who are learning how to fundraise and those who have hosted successful fundraisers in the past. It is always beneficial to try out new fundraising ideas, and the proper usage of images is a great place to start.

High quality images bring more awareness to your cause!


1.) Quality Always Counts - If you want to raise money online, then you are going to need to ensure that your photos are high quality. If you use a poorly lit, poorly cropped or just overall poor image, potential donors will be left with the impression that you are not serious about your online fundraising campaign. If they do not feel that you care about the project, then why would they be willing to donate online? Take the time to take nicely composed images that represent your cause or project. If you place words on top of the image, make sure that you triple check it for spelling, grammar and punctuation before you place the image online.

2.) Relevance is Key – The photo should represent exactly why you are attempting to raise money online. For example, if you are hosting a fundraiser to help with an animal’s medical bills, you need to provide an image of the animal. Posting an image of the animal’s owner is also a good idea, as it allows potential donors to feel more connected to the process. You should also consider posting images of your fundraising team in order to make people feel more confident in their decision to donate online.

3.) A Call to Action – The images on your fundraiser page should also represent the area that will be impacted by the fundraiser. If your fundraiser is for a school, then you should post images of the school. If you are going to use the funding to purchase new uniforms, then you should provide an image of what those uniforms will look like. When people see that your fundraising ideas are tied to a concrete plan, they will be more likely to donate.

4.) Keep the Viral Nature of the Internet in Mind – Do not use images that someone else has taken or created without their permission. Even if you are in the process of learning how to fundraise, you must use only original materials to avoid gaining a bad reputation. You should also embed information on each image about your fundraiser, such as the web address where people can donate. This will allow people to spread the word on Facebook by sharing your images.

By utilizing a few simple image quality techniques, you can encourage people to donate and spread the word. By providing at least one high quality and original image, your fundraiser will stand out and have a much greater chance of success.

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