4 Simple Steps to Maintain Online Fundraising

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Whether you are attempting to raise money online for a charitable cause or to fund an artistic project, it is important to always remember the basic components of online fundraising. Even if you are still learning how to fundraise, you can easily begin the process at DonationTo.com by following four basic steps.


DonationTo. com helps you easily succeed by following four online fundraising tips


Explain your cause for better online donation support

1.) Always fully explain what your cause is about. For example, if you are trying to raise money online in order to provide food for a homeless shelter, then you need to make sure that you explain how much food you are attempting to purchase, how long it is expected to last and what special circumstances require an online fundraising campaign at this time. Letting people know exactly what your goal is will make them feel more confident, and this will lead to a higher amount of donations.


By telling visitors why you use DonationTo.com and 100% of donations go to your cause will increase support

2.) Make sure that you explain why you have selected DonationTo.com as your online fundraising platform. There are a lot of different fundraising sites, and people are going to wonder why you made the choice that you did. Most online donation sites have restrictions in place that require a fundraiser to hit a specific goal in order to receive any of the money pledged. DonationTo.com allows you to keep 100 percent of the money that you collect, regardless of if you hit your goal. If you explain that, along with the fact that DonationTo.com helps teach people how to fundraise by providing great fundraising ideas, then they will feel just as confident in your fundraising host as you do.


Explain where donations go so supporters feel good to donate

3.) It is vital to be clear about where the money is going. In the homeless shelter example, you should provide statistics. For example, if $100 will keep one person fed and sheltered for a month, then you should spell that out. You should also provide data about the typical amount of people who the shelter helps on a monthly basis. This will help people see exactly what their money is going to support, and it will encourage them to donate online. One of the best fundraising ideas is to keep a dialogue going with your donors after the fundraiser is over. Let them know exactly what their money accomplished, and if appropriate, provide photos of what the fundraiser paid for.


DonationTo.com supports WePay and Paypal. Having both methods increase donations

4.) Make it clear that people can donate online via Paypal or WePay. Some people are leery of using Paypal, while others will not donate if they have to enter their credit card information. Having two different payment options available will help to cover most people’s different concerns and preferences, and it will greatly increase the total number of donations that you will receive.

Everyone is a novice to fundraising at some point, but even if you have completed dozens of fundraisers, it is always important to stick to certain basics. By fully explaining your cause, discussing your decision to use DonationTo.com, being clear about how the money will be spent and pointing out that donors have two payment options, you will ensure a successful fundraising campaign.

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