5 Email Tips for Fundraising and Online Donations

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There are a lot of different methods that you must utilize if you want to maximize your ability to raise money online. Having a successful online fundraising campaign requires you to reach out to people via social networking and email. The following five tips will help you increase awareness of your fundraiser through an easy to maintain email campaign.


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Step 1 to Email Fundraising

Step 1 

When people are first learning how to fundraise they often make the mistake of sticking primarily to social networking. While status updates and tweets will help you raise money online, they will not enable you to reach everyone. Sending an email will make sure that each person receives your message, thereby increasing the total amount of donations that you will receive.


Step 2 to Email Fundraising

Step 2

DonationTo.com fully understands the importance of embracing emails. They offer you several fundraising ideas and integration tools to help you reach out to potential donors, including easy to format emails that contain all of the necessary information. To begin, simply gather all of your email addresses together and separate each address by a comma. For example, the formatting should look like this: amy@gmail.com, aaron@aol.com, sara@yahoo.com. Once you have compiled your list, you can copy and paste it into the DonationTo.com email service. This will allow you to send everyone the same email at the same time without having to be concerned about privacy issues.


Step 3 to Email Fundraising

Step 3

It is important to only send email to people who you know. If you send emails to random people asking them to donate online, it will be seen as spam and will weaken the integrity of your online fundraising campaign. Today it is important to only email people who you know or those who have confirmed with you they would like to be notified. If you email strangers or even buy email lists you can be considered a spammer. Ultimately this will hurt your chances of raising money for your cause. In the worst case email providers will actually set red flags when you send emails and this means no one will see your email and it will be sent to the trash. So in this case be honest and only email people who you know.


Step 4 to Email Fundraising

Step 4

One mistake that a lot of people who are in the process of learning how to fundraise make is to send only one email. Most people need a few reminders before they will donate online, so it is necessary to send out messages on a regular basis. You need to make sure that you do not overdo it either, though. A good rule of thumb is to send out a message once a week that reminds people about your fundraiser and asks them to donate. By making a schedule such as sending out messages every Tuesday, you can avoid becoming annoying while increasing the total amount of donations that you receive.


Step 5 to Email Fundraising

Step 5

Keeping your emails short and to the point is the absolute best way to ensure donations. After all, most people do not want to spend several minutes reading through an email. Make sure that you make your case early in the email so that anyone who is just skimming it will see the important information. You should also include a blurb that asks people to spread the word about your fundraiser via Twitter, Facebook and Google+, especially if they are unable to donate themselves.

You will probably try a lot of different fundraising ideas, but remember that email is always important. You can utilize DonationTo.com‘s email service to quickly and easily send a message to multiple people at one time. Keep your messages short and to the point, and make sure that you communicate on a weekly basis.

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