5 Fundraising Tips with Reddit Part 2

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To increase your ability to raise money online, you should create two online accounts; one with DonationTo.com and one with Reddit.

Your DonationTo.com account will enable you to tell the story of your fundraiser while also acting as a platform for accepting donations. Your Reddit account will allow you to spread the word about your online fundraising campaign (even further) via posting an image that symbolizes your cause along with a brief description.


Step 1 to Reddit Fundraising

Step 1:

As soon as both of your accounts are up and running, it is time to start taking advantage of the opportunities that Reddit presents. The best way to use Reddit as a tool to help you raise money online is by posting an image and short description of your online fundraising campaign and then taking steps to get your post voted up. Reddit users vote for the posts they like, and the posts with the most votes make it to the home page where millions of users can see, comment and engage. This can lead to further support of your cause.


Step 2 to Reddit Fundraising

Step 2: 

In order to promote your efforts on Reddit, you should utilize all of the different options that are available to you, including DonationTo.com’s email platform, your Twitter account and anywhere that enables you to place a link in your signature line. You can also take advantage of DonationTo.com’s Facebook integration feature to cross-post the Reddit link to your Facebook and fundraising pages. Make sure that you inform people about how voting up your Reddit post can encourage others to donate online to your cause, and take the time to review our tips about the other places where you should be posting the Reddit link.


Step 3 to Reddit Fundraising

Step 3: 

If you are in the process of learning how to fundraise, then you might become discouraged if your efforts fail to create immediate donations. It is imperative to stick to your fundraising ideas and to give your promotional efforts time to produce positive results. Stopping after one wave will both result in an unsuccessful fundraiser and a tarnished reputation. Getting people to support your future fundraising ideas will be much more difficult if you choose to bail on your fundraiser during the first few weeks or months. Instead, you need to fully embrace this opportunity to learn firsthand how to fundraise while supporting a worthwhile cause. To encourage people to donate online and to vote up your Reddit post, you need to send out a weekly email reminder and dedicate one Facebook status update per day to spreading the word. To learn more about using Facebook to your advantage, visit our post about fundraising with Facebook.


Step 4 to Reddit Fundraising

Step 4:

In order to gain the optimal results from Reddit, you must communicate how important it is to receive votes on your post. You should make it a point to send a wave of emails and status updates not asking for donation moreover, asking your family and friends to place an emphasis on voting for your link. Make sure that they understand that they will need a Reddit account in order to vote, and let them know that millions of people will learn about your fundraiser if you can get it onto the main page. It will also help to ask them to spread this to their friends and family as some will already have Reddit accounts created!


Step 5 to Reddit Fundraising

Step 5:

Your family and friends can also help you make your Reddit post go viral. Ask each of them to share the information on their social networking profiles and ask their friends to go vote. By following this process, you will quickly gain access to a wider audience of people who will be willing to help. In addition to gaining support for your Reddit link, you will also probably receive new donations.

Using Reddit as a promotional source for your DonationTo.com fundraising page is a powerful tool. Place an emphasis on getting your friends and family to vote for your Reddit post, and ask them to share the information with their friends, too. Make sure that you stay focused on your fundraising efforts, and do not give up if it takes a while to get your fundraiser rolling. By posting your Reddit link everywhere possible, you will greatly increase your chances of hosting a highly successful fundraiser.

Learn how to maintain your crowdfunding cause by using Reddit and other social networks. Our donation website is sharing the most precious tips to crowd fund for real.

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