5 Steps on How to fundraise – Part 2

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Wecome to part 2 of How to Fundraising. You can review part 1 here: 

1: The best way to raise funds online is to communicate to your donors. This can easily be done by sending out simple emails. These frequent emails should explain the story behind one’s cause. This is a chance to really explain why a person should spend their time and donate money to a cause. The best emails are short, concise, and personalized. People want to hear what will happen with donated funds, and they want to feel their support makes a difference. This is why all correspondence should include at least one photograph and should provide a link to your fundraising site. If you are using a service like DonatoinTo.com then an


example link would look like this www.DonationTo.com/demo This ensures people can easily donate online. Make sure all emails are properly formatted and there are no errors. The key to online fundraising is to make an impression in just a matter of moments. Emails are a chance for an online charity to make an impact so before you send out that email make sure all links are working!

2: It is important to consistently blog and ask others to do the same when asking for online donations. News comes and goes on the Internet and anyone who wants to learn how to fundraise needs to communicate and bring awareness consistently. This means updating a blog (don’t forget to include images) with specific information about goals,


the cause, and related information. Online fundraising is easy because DonationTo.com helps people promote such blogs and writing. The more people hear about a cause by using DonationTo.com service or some other space, the more likely they are to donate online.

3:Deadlines are important any time someone wants to raise money online. Any online charity needs to remind donors about upcoming deadlines. This is a chance to spread the word on a blog or via email. After all, by providing a deadline this will create a sense of urgency to support fundraising ideas.


Thus, it is important to set reasonable goals and to explain progress to people. This could motivate more online donations because people feel invested in seeing a goal met!

4: It’s okay to ask people to spread the word about fundraising ideas. Financial contributions may not be possible for everyone. When learning how to fundraise, a group should remember education and awareness of a cause or organization are just as important as money. This is a chance to ask loved ones to send an email to other friends and to ask people to post information on blogs and social networks. The more voices included, the easier it will be to raise money online. 

5: Fundraising is about building both short- and long-term relationships with donors.After a goal is met, it is important to contact donors and to thank them.


This is also the chance to explain how funds will be used, any progress that has been made, and what the future looks like. Consistent communication keeps supporters feeling good about supporting a cause and ultimately this can increases the likelihood for them to donate again in the future.

Curious on how people are able to crowd fund and reach their goals? Our donation website is offering the chance of becoming a crowdfunding student and learn the skills to raise money online.

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