5 Steps on How to fundraise – Part 3

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Hello everyone, this is part 3 of How to Fundraise. If you missed it Here is Part 1

Any group that wants to fundraise needs a way for people to donate online. Who doesn’t want to keep 100% of all funds raised? Who doesn’t want to make it easy for people to click a button and have funds transferred? DonationTo.com does all of this.The Internet makes it easy for an online charity to get noticed. Resources like DonationTo.com help people spread the word about a non-profit, organization, or cause. This streamlines the fundraising process. The following steps will help get your cause to reach its fundraising goal faster!


1. Organizations need to use services which make it easy to collect donations. This is where DonationTo.com comes into play. This tool allows organizations to keep all of the funds. There are no hidden transaction fees to worry about. Other services charge people 5-10% of all online fundraising. This can be quite costly,


especially for groups that are cash-strapped or simple want to hit their fundraising goal quickly. Using an online tool like DonationTo.com means an online charity can reach short- and long-term goals fast. The online donations are also sent to a secure PayPal account real time.

2. The next step to raise money online is to form small goals which are easy to reach. Starting small is important for people who are new to online fundraising. The more specific fundraising ideas are, the easier it is for people to understand and support them. This increases donors’ motivation and teaches an organization how to fundraise!

3. Online fundraising is most successful when groups are specific and clear about the cause. Snappy slogans, specific language, and concrete details are needed. This quickly explains why people should donate to a group. Anything too confusing could lose donors’ attention. Fundraising ideas are most effective when groups can catch people’s interest and the goal is tangible and real.

4. Visuals are important to groups who want to raise money online. Relevant photographs and memorable videos


are effective when articulating fundraising ideas. Uploading such media is easy thanks to YouTube and other free software. This is a chance to draw in traffic and attention to one’s cause. This can create word-of-mouth buzz.

5. Social networks can really make the difference for a group. Adults and teens alike use Facebook and Twitter, to stay in touch with people, and websites like LinkedIn and GooglePlus are also increasing in profile for both personal and business use. This is a chance to spread the word about a fundraising project’s goals or to educate and promote a cause. If ten friends all send out a link to ten new friends, the word can quickly spread. When using DonationTo.com your fundraising page is integrated with all of these social networks to quickly create awareness.

People who want to learn how to fundraise need to make use of the Internet. DonationTo.com helps people collect funds and disperse them and social networking websites can quickly spread the word about a cause. Specific language, slogans, videos, and small goals will help organizations of all types figure out how to use technology to solicit online donations. This is a chance to fund important causes, raise awareness, and hit your goal faster!

Our donation website is offering the unique opportunity of learning how to crowd fund and keep all donations. The crowdfunding campaigns created on DonationTo.com are a success.

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