5 Steps to Honeymoon Fundraising

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Weddings are one of the most expensive life events, but the honeymoon also comes with a large price tag. In order to cover all of the necessary costs, you can host an online fundraising campaign with DonationTo. Most people will help out if they understand that someone else needs their assistance. For example, if you make it clear that you will be unable to take a honeymoon without assistance, most people will give at least a few dollars. Everyone understands the importance of the honeymoon ritual, and they will want your marriage to start off on the right foot. If you utilize the following five steps, you should easily be able to turn your fundraising ideas into the perfect honeymoon.

Provide Details of Your Honeymoon

Providing details is very important. For example, if you are going to Paris for two weeks, you should post this information along with a few of the things that you are hoping to do while you are there. Letting everyone know exactly what you are trying to raise money online for will make them feel more engaged by the entire process.

What Is The Budget And Why

Take the time to figure out a budget for your trip and share at least the basics of this information on your online fundraising page. Consider for example how much easier it is to get investors to provide new capital for a project that has a well thought out budget. The same thought process that encourages an investor will also encourage your family and friends to donate online. After all, everyone wants to feel like they are backing a project that has the very real potential of being successful. Sharing your needs and letting everyone see how close you are to reaching your goal is the perfect way to generate donations.

Keep The Fundraising Scope Small


Most people have a difficult time with the concept of hitting a very large goal. Consider for example how insurmountable it would seem if you were told that you needed to get all of the work done on a major project in one day. By splitting the goal up, such as $800 for a flight and $1,000 for the hotel, you will help people feel more confident that their donation will actually make a difference. Setting obtainable goals is a vital aspect of learning how to fundraise, and it is often preferable to host multiple smaller fundraisers instead of one that is very large.

Give Advanced Notice

The more advance notice you give to your family and friends, the more likely they will be to make a nice donation. For example, it is much easier to buy gifts for the holidays instead of an impromptu gift simply because you have enough time to properly budget for holiday gifts. Even if your potential donors love your fundraising ideas, you might have difficulty raising enough money without a proper amount of notice. You should always begin the fundraising process for a honeymoon or a wedding at least six months in advance.

High Quality Images Go Along Way


Posting a high quality image of the bride and groom to be will encourage people to donate online. Consider for instance how much more likely you are to buy something if the product’s advertising campaign makes the item look fantastic. People place a lot of importance on quality. If you post a poor quality photo, it can create a negative impression. Posting a nice photo, however, will show potential donors that you really care about your efforts to raise money online.

It Takes 2 To Fundraise

Both the bride and groom to be need to be involved throughout the entire fundraising process. If you fail to do this, then you will only receive one-sided results. For example, a business that only targets one demographic is essentially giving up on the possibility of selling a larger quantity of their product. Instead, you can both learn how to fundraise throughout this process. Each of you should utilize emails, Facebook and Twitter to reach out to your family and friends.

Fundraising Summary

You have a great chance of meeting your goal if you provide enough advance notice and let everyone know exactly what you are trying to raise funds for. Break the fundraiser into smaller chunks to encourage donations, and make sure that both of you utilize social networking and emails to reach out to potential donors on a regular basis.

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