5 Steps to Wedding Fundraising

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Due to the extreme cost that is associated with all aspects of having a wedding, people have recently begun hosting online fundraising campaigns to help raise money for their wedding. This is often really important as a lot of people fail to recognize just how expensive a wedding is.

For example, it is easy to get wrapped up in the cost of the venue, food and flowers and forget about gathering money for entertainment. By asking people to donate online, you can ensure that all aspects of your wedding will be perfect.

 Announce the Wedding Date

1.) Announcing a specific date for the wedding before building an online fundraising campaign is a key component. As soon as people know the date, they will feel more inclined to donate online. Your potential donors may not understand the DonationTo.com fundraising process, so you need to start by explaining how it works. Consider for example how much your interest level in a charitable cause rises if you have a full understanding of how the entire process works. Even though your friends and family know you, they will still need to feel confident in your fundraising ideas.

 Explain What You Need

2.) In order to raise money online, it is imperative to explain exactly what you need. For example, you can announce that you are asking for assistance paying for the venue, entertainment, food or even your honeymoon. By giving people a concrete goal, they will feel more inclined to make a donation. If you ask for money for your honeymoon, consider telling people that their donation will be your wedding gift.

One Item at a Time

3.) There is one important thing that everyone who wants to learn how to fundraise needs to learn: it is vital to break a large fundraising goal into pieces. Consider for instance how difficult it would seem if you had to pay your mortgage for an entire year instead of once per month. The number would seem insurmountable, and it might keep you from making any payments at all. Donors feel the same way about fundraisers that have a large goal. Rather than asking for $9,000 to cover all of your expenses, split your total goal into three or four smaller fundraisers.

Plan Ahead

4.) Most people are happy to support a wedding, but if you want to raise money online for such a large event, then you need to start early. Consider for example how early you would start planning for a vacation overseas. Even though you are asking multiple people to support your fundraiser, you should give them ample time to gather enough money to make a large donation. If you are still learning how to fundraise, then it might come as a surprise that it will probably take at least a year to turn all of your fundraising ideas into the wedding of your dream.

Fundraise in Phases

5.) Any large fundraiser should be split up into four phases to make it easier to hit your goal. For example, all successful businesses create quarterly goals to keep them on track for their annual revenue numbers. This is the same idea that fundraisers need to follow. Post a new phase of the fundraiser each quarter and keep your donors informed throughout the process.

Most people are happy to help with a wedding fundraiser as long as they are given advance notice. By splitting your fundraising needs into at least four phases, you will have a much better chance of hitting your overall goal. You can use the fundraiser to raise money online for every aspect of the wedding, including your honeymoon. Keep everyone posted regarding your progress to encourage additional donations throughout the year.

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