5 Tips For Better Medical Fundraising

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Attempting to raise money online for medical bills is becoming increasingly common, and many of these online fundraising campaigns are experiencing a high level of success. Medical bills are one of the hardest things for most people to deal with. Almost everyone has known someone who has struggled to make ends meet due to medical bills, so most people will feel compelled to donate online to help out. By utilizing the following five tips, you will be able to increase your ability to raise money online.

DonationTo.com provides you with  easy and efficient tips of how to increase your medical fundraiser.

1.) Everyone has to learn how to fundraise at some point, and a common mistake that first timers make is to ask for a large amount of money in one chunk. Even though you might need $200,000 to cover the costs of medical expenses, you do not want to ask for that much at one time because people will be less likely to donate online if they think that your goal cannot be met. Instead, you should break your online fundraising campaign into phases. By asking for only $20,000 in phase one, for example, people will feel more confident in your ability to hit your goal.

2.) Fundraising throughout the year is common, and it will help you reach more people. It is imperative to set and hit goals, however. For example, you should set a low goal that you feel confident about meeting for January. Once you have proven you can hit that goal, you can increase the goal for the next fundraiser. Using this method will also create a sense of urgency as people will feel compelled to help you hit each goal.

3.) Giving your supporters regular status updates will have more of a positive impact than any new fundraising ideas that you can come up with. People want to feel like they are involved in the process, and they also want to see what their previous donations have accomplished. Email your supporters with updates and make sure that you thank them. By keeping them in the loop, they will feel much more compelled to donate again.

4.) Some of the best fundraising ideas are often the most simplistic. Due to all of the different social networking sites that are popular today, it is common for people to focus all of their energy on spreading the word on Facebook or Twitter. DonationTo.com has an easy to use email system that will enable you to send a message out to hundreds of contacts at one time, however, and this concentrated email blast is proven to provide great results.

5.) As important as it is, email is definitely not the only method to utilize. Leverage the power of the Internet by sharing your story with others on Reddit.com. Reddit has a very large audience around the world, and several people who had no knowledge about how to fundraise have used it to raise money for important causes. By making a simple but honest post about your medical fundraiser, you will have a greater chance of hitting your goal.

Medical fundraisers are common, and most people will respond well to them. Always set a goal that is actually obtainable, even if this requires fundraising in several phases. If you keep your supporters in the loop about your progress, they will be more likely to donate to additional phases. Spread the word via Reddit.com, all of your social networking pages and DonationTo.com’s email system to achieve the greatest level of success.

For a better medical crowdfunding keep your donation website updated and share your cause to all potential supporters. To know all the tips about how to crowd fund and achieve the goals sign up on DonationTo.com.

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