5 Tips for Medical Fundraising

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The enormous expenses involved with medical care often leaves patients as well as their families financially unable to cover the costs. Online fundraising is proving to be a valuable tool for helping people cope with big medical costs and expensive treatments. There are some important things to consider when you decide to raise money online.

DonationTo.com Helps with Medical Fundraising

Select your cause

Nearly 50 million Americans are uninsured. When a severe medical need hits, often those who are insured find their coverage falls short of costs. Friends or family may decide to raise money. If you want to help an individual, you want to personalize your fundraising the platform at DonationTo.com makes it easy to raise money online.

If you want to support critical research for an illness or medical condition instead of of an individual, it’s a great platform. Finding cures for devastating diseases is a long and costly process. You could be a part of the cure.

Make the right appeal

When seeking donations for a person, remember that the gifts aren’t tax deductible. That means some businesses and taxpayers will be less likely to give. You need to understand that the tax break is a big deal for some people. Persons who don’t routinely itemize deductions or who have a personal connection to your efforts aren’t going to be swayed by tax considerations, but the casual giver may.

Understand motivations

What makes one person give and another turn away? What brings someone to give $20.00 instead of $2.00? Understanding that people motivated to help most when they connect on some level to your mission is crucial. Friends, family, and co-workers will assist because they know a person, others will because they feel empathy or a connection.

Make it easy to give

When you set up your donation site through DonationTo.com, donors can select from a variety of methods. The money is transferred to person responsible for the site via Paypal or WePay. It’s quick, simple, and painless.

Be sincere, provide assurances

If you want people to contribute, they are much more likely to do so if they see how committed you are. If you seem certain in your desire to help, others will feel compelled to join you. To raise money online, donors need to have confidence in you, then they consider your cause.

Most people feel better about giving when they are assured that the big majority of their money is actually going to help. With DonationTo.com, 100 percent of funds raised can go directly to the cause. That assures the best return possible on donation dollars.

The huge expenses for serious cases can be covered by medical crowdfunding that can be achieved by following our donation website’s guidelines. Know how to ask for help in fundraising and learn to crowd fund for medical expenses.

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