6 Online Donation Tips for Better Fundraising

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Attempting to raise money online can seem like a daunting task, especially if you are still learning how to fundraise. By utilizing the following six tips, however, you can quickly setup an online fundraising campaign that is guaranteed to succeed.

6 Tips to make sure your cause raises money online


Use tier rewards for better fundraising

1.) Make Sure to Enable Tier Rewards – People like to donate online to causes or products that they believe in, but what really motivates them is the option to receive a reward. DonationTo.com lets you set up a tiered reward system in which each donor receives a gift based on the amount of their donation. If you make each tier’s gift more enticing than the last, it will encourage people to give larger donations.


Create a story for an engaging cause

2.) Have an Engaging Story – People want to feel like they are supporting a worthwhile project, so be sure to make your story engaging. You can also encourage people to donate online multiple times by doing your online fundraising in phases. For example, if you need to raise $5,000, you will have a much easier time doing so if you break it up into five fundraisers for $1,000. You can also try out new fundraising ideas via this method. Make sure to keep people engaged by providing updates throughout the process.


For better fundraising give status updates often

3.) Give Inline Status Updates – DonationTo.com has several social networking integration tools. One of the best options allows you to share your Facebook updates directly on your fundraising page. Enabling this option will help you raise money online more quickly, as it will make most people feel more comfortable with the stability of your project.


Weekly email updates will result in better fundraising

4.) Send out Weekly Email Updates – Not everyone uses Facebook or Twitter, so it is important to utilize alternative contact methods. One of the first things that you will discover if you are in the process of learning how to fundraise is that you must explore several different methods to keep in touch with current and potential donors. By sending out a weekly email, you will easily touch base with people who do not use social networking sites on a regular basis.


Create Facebook events to gather more donation support

5.) Create a Facebook Event – This is the single easiest way to gain traction for your fundraiser. Invite everyone that you know, and ask them to invite their friends, too. In a short period of time, a large quantity of people will be reached. This also helps to combat the fact that not everyone will see each of your Facebook status updates.


More payment options means more donations

6.) Enable Payment Options – One of the best fundraising ideas for the online world is to enable people to choose between multiple payment options. To help with this process, DonationTo.com has partnered with both Paypal and WePay. By offering potential donors a choice, you are likely to capture a much wider pool of donors.

Online fundraising does require a lot of dedication, but by following six simple guidelines you can ensure that your donations will increase quickly. Reach out to people via multiple different platforms, and make sure to offer them enticing rewards. These fundraising ideas have been tested and proven by countless people, so put them to work for you and watch the donations pour in.

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