9 Tips To Start Fundraising – Quick Must Know Tips To Hit Your Goal

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It is important to familiarize yourself with certain key tips in order to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of nine essential components that will make it much easier for you to handle every aspect of the fundraising process. In fact, anyone who puts all of these tips into action is virtually guaranteed to receive quality results.

1. Carefully Select Your Fundraising Tool – There are two different types of websites that you can utilize to collect online donations. A free website will allow you to set up your campaign without paying any fees, but you will be required to give up 5 to 10 percent of each donation you receive. Alternatively, you can use a paid website such as DonationTo to keep 100 percent of your contributions and avoid additional credit card processing fees.

In the vast majority of cases, a paid site is by far the best choice. Consider for example the difference between our basic accounts and the so-called free accounts that are offered by other sites. Users who opt for our basic account will only pay $9 a month. In other words, whether you collect $100 or $10,000, your total monthly out-of-pocket cost will be $9. Meanwhile, a free site will charge a fee of up to $10 for every $100 collected. As you can see, it actually makes the most financial sense to use our paid platform. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of important tools as part of our monthly fee. Basic users will have access to chat support and sharing tools for email and social media. You will also have the option to obtain additional perks by selecting an advanced or premium account instead. With all of these benefits, it is no wonder that thousands of people worldwide have chosen one of our paid accounts, and this has allowed them to save a considerable amount of money.

2. Gather Content to Tell the Story of Your Fundraiser – The content that you share with your supporters will help tell the story behind your efforts to raise money online for a charity or other necessity such as medical bills. The best way to capture attention is to share your story in many forms, including images, videos and text. Consider for example how important it has been in the past for other fundraisers to fully explain their cause before you have felt comfortable with the idea of making a donation. The same thing is true of each of your potential contributors, so you need to take steps to ensure that every visitor to your page will be able to easily determine exactly what your cause is all about. In fact, providing enough information via various forms of content can actually increase the amount of money that each person donates. Due to this, you need to pay close attention to the three main types of content that should be posted by every fundraiser.

Photos – You should gather as many photos as possible because this is the absolute best way to tell your story. After all, the Internet is a very visual medium, and photographs make it easier for people to feel personally connected to your cause. Due to this, DonationTo offers the opportunity to upload an unlimited amount of images.

Videos – You can easily make a video using your smartphone, and this will give you the opportunity to share more information about your campaign. It is not important for your video to be fancy. Instead, simply focus on the fact that live motion has been proven to get people more engaged in charity causes. In fact, putting together a video that helps highlight your fundraiser can make a big difference in the total amount of money that you raise.

Written Content – The written portion of your page should share the history of your cause and answer certain key questions. For example, everyone will want to know how your campaign started, what its purpose is, where the money will be going and exactly what you will do with all of the contributions that you receive. Make sure that you also indicate how things will be handled if you do not hit your goal.

3. Set a Specific Goal – Some hosts make the decision to leave their fundraiser open-ended instead of selecting a specific goal, but this is a big mistake. Your supporters need to know exactly what your goal is and how you arrived at this figure. After all, this is an essential component of hosting a transparent campaign that people can feel comfortable with. Failure to do this could make it much harder for you to raise enough money for your cause. For example, if you tell everyone that you need $1,000 to pay for medical bills, your contributors with feel encouraged to help you reach this goal. On the other hand, if you simply say you need money for medical expenses, a lot of people will either make a smaller contribution or choose not to help at all. This is due to the basic psychology that surrounds the goal setting process. Consider for a moment how you would respond if a close friend needed to raise money for a worthy cause. If they were only $100 away from hitting their goal, the odds are high that you would give them this amount. However, if you have no idea what their goal is, you are much more likely to make a smaller donation. As you can see from this example, it is always best to provide an actual goal so that everyone will feel compelled to help you cross the finish line.


4. Select Your Payment Methods – Giving people multiple payment options is one of the best ways to ensure that you will collect donations from a wider group of supporters. This is due to the fact that everyone has their own specific preferences regarding payments. Therefore, DonationTo offers the option to collect payments via PayPal and WePay. Both of these websites offer quick processing of donations, and they also allow you to be listed as the merchant on record. Additionally, one of the biggest perks of using both of these payment methods is being given the ability to withdraw funds at any point and have them directly deposited into your bank account.

PayPal is an especially important option to provide because it is well-known and the most popular global credit card processor. DonationTo also offers WePay because they provide a very user-friendly manner of accepting donations. Providing choices is absolutely critical if you want your campaign to become fully funded. Consider for instance how you would react if a fundraiser only accepted a payment method that you are not comfortable with. This would prevent you from making a contribution, but this problem could have been easily avoided if the host had given an alternative option. It was with this problem in mind that we made the decision process transactions through two different online payment sites so that everyone would be better equipped to meet the needs of each of their supporters.


5. Create Perks for Your FundraiserOffering perks or tiered rewards is a great way to motivate visitors to your page to donate a specific amount, and this can definitely have a major impact on whether or not you hit your goal. For example, it is common for people to donate $20 to a worthy cause, but you could encourage the majority of these donors to contribute $25 instead if you attach a reward to this dollar amount. This simple step can help you gather a lot more money, and it will also make your supporters feel like they are getting something tangible out of their contribution.

It is important to keep basic human psychology in mind while you are in the process of creating a crowdfunding campaign. This is the main reason that offering perks and rewards can be so successful. After all, everyone likes to feel like they are getting something for nothing, and it is also a common human trait to desire an item that can be physically touched in exchange for money. Therefore, even if you offer something simplistic like a bumper sticker or a pen, it will still increase the total amount of money that is contributed throughout your campaign. Make sure that you consult with local companies that can provide you with a large discount or even donate the items that you are going to give away so that you do not waste a lot of money on rewards. Some people even give donors a perk that does not cost any money to put together such as the link to a special photo album or musical playlist. Although these rewards are not tangible like something that will be sent through the mail, they do appeal to the portion of human nature that is really excited by immediate gratification.


6. Create Your Own the URL – There are millions of websites, so it is essential to utilize your own customized URL to help your supporters find your page. As an added bonus, taking this step will help build trust in your campaign, and that will increase your donations. Consider for instance how much more comfortable you feel visiting a page that has its own URL instead of piggybacking off of another provider. Having your own domain name quite simply makes you look more professional and organized, and this can have a major impact on the way that your visitors view your cause.

Selecting your URL is an important process, and you need to ensure that you choose a domain name that is hyper relevant to your campaign. For example, you could use the name of the event or person that you are trying to support. In other words, if you are hosting a fundraiser to help John Smith with medical expenses, your URL could be www.johnsmith.com. DonationTo enables users to attach their own domain name to their page, and this gives you all of the perks of our platform combined with the power of having a custom URL.

Another major benefit of making the decision to get a domain name for your cause is the fact that it will help you make your page go viral. Basically, you should be taking advantage of every opportunity to make it more simplistic for people to find your page and make a contribution. Providing them with an easy to remember URL is definitely an important step, and you are highly likely to receive enough additional donations due to taking this one step to more than compensate for the cost involved in registering a domain name. Therefore, we recommend that each of our users makes an investment in a custom URL.

7. Announce Your Fundraiser – Email has been proven to be the best first step when it is time to announce a fundraising campaign. This is because emails are an astounding 40 percent more effective than social media at capturing attention. With this in mind, DonationTo created a one click button that makes it easy to send an email to all of the friends, family and coworkers that are in your contact list.

It is vital to use your announcement email to give everyone details about your cause and goal. After all, failure to provide this information will make people tune out the rest of your message. For example, if you receive an email asking you to support a charitable cause that does not include any specific details such as the reason for the fundraiser and how the money will be used, you are most likely going to hit delete without taking any other action. Fortunately, you can avoid this potential problem by making sure that you give people the necessary information to help them make an informed decision to support your campaign.

As soon as you have completed the process of sending out your announcement emails, you should begin breaking out into other forms of communication such as social networking, text messaging and even visiting your local stores and news channels to ask for assistance. Ultimately, the goal of your announcement is to get your campaign in front of as many people as possible. You should also add anyone new who shows any interest in your campaign to your contact list so that you can continuously reach out to them with the intention of receiving their financial support.

8. Keep Everyone Updated – Crowdfunding takes time, and it also requires consistent contact. Consider for example how often in the past you have needed to hear about a fundraiser multiple times before you finally followed through with your decision to make a financial contribution. This did not mean that you lacked good intentions. Instead, it is simply a reflection on the busy world that we live in, and you need to be aware of this reality when you launch your campaign.

The best way to keep everyone in the loop is to send out weekly updates across all forms of communication. This will help keep all of your friends, family, coworkers and other supporters up to date about your cause, and that is the best way to encourage contributions. Make sure that you let everyone know each week how close you are to hitting your goal. You should also include details about the current status of the person or cause that you are raising money for.

Your weekly updates need to be sent via email, Facebook posts, text messages and tweets. Keep in mind that failure to follow through on this very important aspect of your campaign will definitely hurt your momentum, and it could make it impossible to hit your goal. Therefore, you should consider asking close friends and family members who are also connected to the campaign to assist you with the process of managing and sending out each weekly update. This will make everything much easier, and it can also help prevent you from becoming so overwhelmed that you stop taking the proper steps. Additionally, another important reason to send out updates once a week is the fact that it will help prove how serious you are about your cause, and this will encourage people to offer their support via larger donations.

9. Be Sure to Re-Engage Your Supporters – It is important and very beneficial to continuously engage your supporters throughout your entire campaign. For example, if someone makes a comment about your cause on Facebook, you should like their comment and reply to it. Although this can become very labor intensive, it will make people feel much more personally invested in your cause, and this is the best way to get donations to continuously flow in. Therefore, whether someone takes the time to comment on Facebook, send you an email or tweet a question, you need to make sure that you reply to them within a reasonable amount of time. Fortunately, DonationTo relieves some of this workload because each person who makes a contribution will receive an automatic email that thinks them for becoming a donor and also acts as a receipt.

Ultimately, you need to remain in touch with your supporters via weekly updates and timely responses if you truly want to hit your goal. After all, everyone wants to feel like their contribution matters, but you will strip away this important feeling if you do not respond to someone. This is likely to cause them not to make a contribution, and it will also leave them feeling personally frustrated with you. Due to this, you should set aside some time every day to respond to comments and other messages. The time that you put into this process will be rewarded by increased donations and happier supporters.


Hosting a successful fundraiser is within anyone’s reach, but you need to be willing to utilize all of the proven steps and tools to help you hit your goal. Make sure that you begin the process by selecting a platform that makes the most sense for your specific cause. Most people will end up saving a lot of money by going with a paid website such as DonationTo, so this is definitely a good place to begin. In fact, DonationTo will enable you to keep 100 percent of the donations that you receive, and you will also be able to avoid paying for any extra credit card processing fees. As soon as you have acquired your page, you should begin filling it with relevant content such as photographs, video and a written explanation of exactly what your campaign has been created to do. Additionally, it is critical to include a specific goal because this will make people feel more comfortable and confident in their decision to make a contribution.

Offering two payment methods can dramatically improve the amount of money that you raise, and this is the reason we have partnered with PayPal and WePay to give your supporters the ability to choose a payment processing site that they prefer. Another great way to meet your goal is to offer perks or tiered rewards as a motivational tool to convince people to make a higher contribution. Having your own custom domain name will also make a big difference, so we highly encourage everyone to follow this step.

Once everything is in place, you will need to announce your fundraiser via email, social media, and text messaging, and you should visit local stores and news channels to drum up more support. Make sure that you send out weekly updates to keep everyone engaged in your campaign, and it will also be important to reply to any comments or emails that you receive from supporters. Taking all of these steps will put you in a good position to meet or exceed your goal, and it will also make people feel more confident about every charitable campaign that you decide to host in the future.

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