Fundraising Sudden Infant Death

Losing a child is one of the hardest things that any parent can go through, especially with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Read how Mag and Mike, a few of their friends made the decision to ask for financial support and raised over $10,000 saving over $500 in fees with DonationTo paid accounts.


Donations For Cancer Treatment

A close friend launched a medical fundraising campaign on Camille's behalf to help her take a stand against cancer. Learn how friends and family have helped her raise over $7,000 and save over $300 by using DonationTo paid accounts.


Memorial Donations – Brennan Mohler

Brennan Mohler was only 12 when his family had to say goodbye to him. Unfortunately, the emotional toll of Brennan's passing was compounded by unexpected funeral expenses. Additionally, those who knew Brennan wanted to do something to honor his life and keep his spirit alive. Boy Scout Troop 380 made the decision to help keep his spirit alive by founding the Brennan Mohler Memorial Fund & raised over $13,000 and kept 100% by using DonationTo paid accounts.


Donations For Stage 4 Breast Cancer

When Alicia learned her friend Kimberly had been diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, she made the decision to tie her upcoming marathon into a fundraiser that raised over $5,000 and saved her over $200 by using paid accounts!


Donations To Fight Leukemia (ALL)

On June 29, Naomi was diagnosed with leukemia. Her family has needed to be by Naomi's side as much as possible, which makes it hard for them to also bring in the necessary money to cover everything that insurance will not take care of. Naomi's support group has raised almost $30,000 using


Funeral Expense Fundraising

Harold was a military veteran who was hospitalized for several months before his family had to make the tragic decision to send him to a hospice care facility. Learn about this family and their fundraising story.

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